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D.B. NielsenAuthor:  db nielsen

Genre: YA, NA, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy

Book: SEED: Keepers of Genesis I, and SCROLL: Keepers of Genesis II

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db nielsen was born in British Hong Kong and immigrated to Australia in childhood. db likes to travel the world with family; dividing time between residing in Sydney and visits to the cathedrals, crypts and museums the world over, doing research for new projects. The author is a university lecturer in Linguistics and Semiotics, and continues to teach English Literature and Language whilst writing fiction.


Introducing Keepers of Genesis, a gripping new epic adventure series from talented debut author D B Nielsen. A magical blend of romance, fantasy and fascinating ancient history, this captivating four-part series comprising SEED, SCROLL, SWORD and STONE is already enthralling a legion of young adult readers and crossover fiction fans alike.

Twilight meets A Discovery of Witches in this addictive, fast paced series featuring inquisitive seventeen-year-old twins Sage and Saffron Woods who become embroiled in a thrilling quest when an artefact, long sought after, suddenly reappears in present day southern Iraq – a land long considered the cradle of civilization, ancient Mesopotamia. With its unearthing, a centuries-old conflict is reignited; a conflict that takes the sisters from the British Museum to Paris to the Vatican Secret Archives and the catacombs in Rome. In a race against time the twins discover not only deeply hidden secrets of the ancient world but embark on a journey of self-discovery and coming of age that uncovers their own passionate feelings for unearthly immortals.

One daring quest, twin sisters and their sweeping and adventurous romances, a perilous rivalry, mysterious Nephilim (offspring of Fallen Angels), intriguing exploration of some of Western culture’s greatest mysteries, a magical tale of angels and demons throughout the ages. Incorporating well researched historical facts intertwined with myth, fantasy, fascinating esoterica, literary allusions and a love story, Keepers of Genesis is a compelling read which marks the arrival of a wonderful new voice in the young adult crossover fiction genre appealing to fans of Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush, Hush saga, Lauren Kate’s Fallen series and Deborah Harkness’ bestselling All Souls trilogy.

 Seed Blurb

SeedA powerful, hidden artifact is unearthed and, with its discovery, an ancient conflict is reignited. Seventeen-year-old Sage Woods, the daughter of an eminent archaeologist, uncovers the artifact’s disturbing secret and is placed in terrible danger. Unwittingly, she has stumbled into an invisible war between two primordial dynasties of a supernatural order – a war in which she has a fateful role to play in a race to control the power of the SEED.

Embroiled in a quest that takes her from the British Museum to the Louvre to the Vatican Secret Archives, Sage realizes that her blossoming romance with the mysterious, alluring St. John Rivers is inextricably tied to the artifact. Up until now, St. John has managed to keep his true identity hidden, but Sage is determined to delve deeper to uncover his dark secret and his connection to the SEED.

It is a decision that will have a devastating effect on humankind…

SEED is the first book in the Keepers of Genesis series

 Scroll Blurb


ScrollSeventeen-year-old Saffron Woods, twin sister to Sage, is haunted by strange voices as if from some distant past. With the SEED’s sentience awakened, these mystical voices intensify, forcing Saffron to acknowledge that she has also inherited its legacy of dark secrets, intrigue and death. Venturing out alone, Saffron is driven to locate an ancient manuscript, the other half of a Cosmic Map charting the location of the only undiscovered Wonder of the Ancient World, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon; gateway to the Garden of Eden. But last seen in the Library of Alexandria, the SCROLL is thought to be lost to humankind.

Then Saffron meets the compelling caretaker of Satis House who appears to know more than he is willing to reveal. Knowing she cannot trust him, Saffron is still drawn to this rebellious boy who seems to both threaten and protect her. But her feelings for Finn are complicated by the charming yet inscrutable Anakim, Gabriel Chevalier, who offers her his invaluable assistance in locating the elusive manuscript.

Torn between competing passions and facing an increasingly implacable enemy, the Grigori, Saffron struggles to find the SCROLL which holds the secrets to the past and the key to the future…

SCROLL is the second book in the Keepers of Genesis series

Book Reviews


***** With all of the zest and determination of a teen, ignoring the fact that she has been told NOT to disturb her archeologist father in his office, Sage plows through his door and her life becomes the thing of myth, the supernatural and ancient history coming to life. So, maybe not her best move, but a highly secret artifact is communicating with her, she feels the secrets it keeps locked away. What does it mean for her? Sage becomes fascinated by the inhumanly handsome and charismatic St. John Rivers, who is also part of her father’s team of experts, but he runs hot and cold, one minute the dashing flirt, the next he is the absent-minded professor, ignoring her while lost in his thoughts. But is her really just another brilliant human or is their more to how he always seems to show up in Sage’s life? The artifact is part of a supernatural war between two dynasties and Sage has been chosen by fate to become part of this war. What if she chooses wrong in her quest for answers and to understand this ancient piece? She and St. John will travel across Europe in search of clues to save the world, do they lie in the archives at the Vatican? Will she discover St. John’s true identity, as well as the identities of the warring factions? Winner takes all, including the fate of the world’s souls, and the clock is ticking as each hour becomes more dangerous for Sage and her guardian, St. John. Their feelings must be set aside, possibly forever, but is that fair?

Action, adventure, mystery and a touch of the supernatural, a battle going back in time thousands of years, is there some mystical secret held within the artifact; does it touch on religious beliefs from long ago? Seed by D. B. Nielsen is more than a fast-paced journey into the unknown, the unimaginable. D.B. Nielsen has blended truth, suppositions and an author’s imagination into a read that becomes spell-binding, to say the least!

Do you like the hunt for ancient treasures with unexplainable powers and dark secrets? Do you get chills from knowing an artifact holds the future of the world in its secrets? D.B. Nielsen has a feast for your senses with Seed. With characters and scenes that scream, can you believe this? There is no choice but to answer YES!, the writing is that powerful, the tale that intense. If this is the future of N/A reading, I would say, the literary world should be celebrating with gusto! Get ready for one of the best games of supernatural cat and mouse to hit the decks running!

Seed: Keepers of Genesis 1  by d.b.nielsen

I absolutely loved it. It has all of my favorite things…some kind of quest (usually religious), a love story, mystery, thriller, adventure, twins!, family, evil bad guys, good bad guys(?), heroines, heroes, history, excitement, fear, animals, fancy cars and places, fashion, strained and strong relationships, mentors, other things I can’t mention(spoilers). Did I mention twins?!! I read the little teaser of the next story (at the end of this one) and I can tell you I am on it the moment it releases! 

So, so good! I hope they make movies someday!

I also enjoyed the various lovely words to look up in the dictionary. Not to say I didn’t understand what they meant in the context but I do enjoy words and sometimes I just want to know more. Does that make me a dictionary nerd?

Highly Recommended if this is your thing 🙂

I borrowed this book from Amazon’s Prime Members Lending Library so I could read it with Goodreads Indie Book Club. Thanks, it’s been great 🙂

Scroll: Keepers of genesis II

The second is even better then the first. Sage finds out her twin is also the wise one! Her twin has all the qualities she does not so the compliment one another. There is m o re adventure and Fi is very spirited, could she be in love with the wrong one? Danger, battles,love and adventure what more can one ask for. I totally enjoyed this story the sense of humor, heart ache it has it all. I am so excited to read the next book! I rate this book a 5 stars!

Excerpt from Seed

It was because I was so transfixed with my find that I initially failed to notice that I was being scrutinized from across the room. The first I became aware of it was a prickling sensation down my back, the hairs on my neck and arms raised giving me goose bumps. I turned my head round nervously, looking back over my shoulder.

He stood at a distance, a young man in his mid-twenties perhaps, taller than average. No mere accident of lighting, his slightly curly locks, the colour of polished brass, formed a halo around a face that was much too beautiful to be called handsome. The only way to describe him was golden. His skin was golden, his hair, which he wore slightly longer than was fashionable, curling into the nape of his neck, was golden and I suspected his eye colour was, if not golden, amber like mine.

When I caught him staring at me intently, he neither looked away in embarrassment nor did he pretend to know me. Instead, he continued to assess me with an unblinking, hypnotic gaze. It was I who broke contact first; flushing with embarrassment, I dropped my eyes at once.

This can’t be happening! I thought, feeling panicky. Dragging in a deep breath, my eyes skittered back to his. He was still staring at me, his indescribably beautiful face unmoved.

My heart fluttered in my chest. I didn’t know what to think – was this some random stalker or had he seen me before around the museum and couldn’t place my face, seeming familiar to him? No serial killer looked the way he did. He was dressed immaculately all in black; a pair of black trousers was topped by a fine woollen black turtleneck. He wore the sleeves rolled up, exposing his sun-kissed skin. And the black only accentuated the perfection of his face. Of course, I had no idea what a serial killer looked like, but I was fairly certain it wasn’t this golden god.

As curious as I was, I did the only thing that made sense; I ignored him – or pretended to. Deliberately turning my back on him, I tried to refocus on the tablet in front of me. But I was merely staring blankly, nothing was registering. It was all so unreal.

‘It’s not real.’ A low, attractive voice remarked by my side.

Character Bio

Name: Elijah St. John Rivers (prefers to be called St. John)

D.B. Nielsen 1Born in ancient Phoenicia, St. John is over six foot tall; buff; has slightly curly locks, the colour of polished brass. He wears it slightly longer than is fashionable, curling into the nape of his neck. He has unusual jade green eyes with flecks of gold in them (they turn emerald when he’s in a passion).

Father (Elijah): a member of the Grigori (or Watchers) and a fallen angel.

Mother (Miriam): a human female from a family of sheep-herders.

Their love was considered illicit and led to Miriam being disowned by her family and ostracized by her tribe. She died in childbirth and her child was left to die on the road to Canaan. The infant was found by the Anakim (a race of Nephilim) and raised by the leader, Anak.

D.B. Nielsen 2Being immortal, St. John passes himself for twenty-five years old. Over his three thousand year existence, he preferred to keep his past a secret and much of what he did/ where he travelled/ his activities are unknown. But there are a few facts that have been reported about him:  he was a member of the Templar Knights and, later, became an advisor to Charlemagne. His foster father, Père Henri, is a priest who works at Notre-Dame de Paris. St. John is the Keeper of the Seed; a role requiring him to protect an ancient artefact of significant value and power. As such, he met the writer, Charlotte Bronte, who named a character after him in her novel, Jane Eyre. During the Victorian era, it is known that he travelled to India.

St. John is now considered an eminent archaeologist; having completed high school at Eton College (UK) and studied Middle Eastern archaeology and history at Oxford University. He has a vast property portfolio (from The Golden Triangle in Paris to New York), and is extremely wealthy. He resides in both Paris and London.

He works as the Assistant Keeper, Ancient Mesopotamian Culture at the British Museum in London. He was assigned to spend three days in Basra, surveying eight of southern Iraq’s most important archaeological sites from Ur to Tell el-Lahm on a mission to preserve the area’s cultural heritage where he worked with Professor Woods. When Professor Woods’ family moved to London, St. John finally met his soul mate, Sage Woods.








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Biographical Info... What you seek is my Story. Every Soul is a "Blurb" as one would read on the back of the book. But can people be "unwrapped" so easily? Most importantly, why try? I have long since learned to preserve the Savory that comes with Discovery. Learning of another Soul is a Journey. It is an Exploration. And it does not do the Soul Justice to try and condense a Soul Journey into a Bio.