Breaking Free Conceived

So! After reading Broken you can imagine I am at the end of my sanity and needed to take some time off. I’ve been spending these last two weeks baking, playing Skyrim (Legendary expansion on the PS3. I’m a thieving/murdering Khajiit), cooking, cleaning, and painting the house. I’ve also been thinking a lot about my next book for the Drui Series, Lorlenalin’s Lies. In my random writing worries, I conceived a new idea for a sequel to Broken. I’m calling it Breaking Free. That’s right. Broken will have a sequel.


  • Broken (Book #1)
  • Unbreaking Me is my/Elizabeth’s online therapy journal, which is available here.
  • Breaking Free is the final installment of this “Trilogy.”


Breaking Free shows the relationship between Hosea and Elizabeth and delves into the character Hosea, so readers see what horrors he survived and they were just as horrific as Elizabeth’s. I can’t tell you when it will be released or written because I’m still working on Unbreaking Me and Lorlenalin’s Lies.

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