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Let me introduce you to Aurelia Maria Casey.

Aurelia Marie Casey (1)

Aurelia runs “Aurelia’s Virtual Book Club.”


Every month, Aurelia hosts monthly book readings. But not just any book readings like any ol’ book club.

Aurelia begins the reading with a live video interview with the author through Google+ Hangouts. Then she and her readers read the book. At the end of the reading, Aurelia invites the author back for a live “Question and Answer” and “Ask the Author.” Readers and viewers join the conversation with Aurelia and present their own questions to the author.

After each interview, Aurelia uploads the video onto iTunes, Google+YouTube, … and now The Bookshelf on Goodreads!

I was so in love with what she is doing for authors and readers, that I invited her to be the official Book Club of the Bookshelf and


As a bibliophile and a book lover, I would love to engage my viewers with a monthly book reading, but I simply do not have the time to commit to a scheduled reading. After discussion with Aurelia, she has agreed to be the Official Book Club of! I must make this clear. All the work is her. I am simply providing you with the info, details, updates, and links to find her epic reading club. I will report monthly on Aurelia’s next book reading here, so stay tuned!

Aurelia is looking for readers and authors. I have authors and readers, many of whom have come to me asking about a book reading/book club. You are invited to join Aurelia’s book club as a reader and a viewer. She reads all genres.

Join Aurelia’s Book Reading here


This month’s read

I found Aurelia through the 2015 Brain to Books Cyber Convention. By the Brain to Books Summer Blog Tour, she invited me on her show for an interview for this month’s read. This month they are reading Dolor and Shadow. This is how I learned about her book club.

Dolor and Shadow Print 3D large

For this reading, I am running a giveaway of one signed paperback of Dolor and Shadow to the individual with the most comments on the “Ask the Author” at the end of the reading.


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