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Author: Ariel Marie

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book: Power of the Fae from The Mirrored Prophecy

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Ariel MarieAriel Marie has always loved reading romance novels in her free time. She loves getting lost in a good book. She reads all genres but paranormal romance is her favorite. She loves everything about the Fae, Shifters, and Witches! And every other supernatural too! One day leaving the hospital after a busy shift she was hit with an idea for a story. The story stayed in her mind for a couple of weeks. She wondered if she could write it. Not too long after that, she read a quote online that said, “write the book you would want to read” and the Mirrored Prophecy series was born!

She married her high school sweetheart. Together, they are raising three beautiful children. When she’s not writing or reading, she loves spending time with her husband and three munchkins.  She loves cooking and baking! She’s always trying new recipes! If you have a good recipe, send it to her! She just might try it!

Author Accomplishments

Outside of writing, Ariel is a registered nurse specializing in kidney/pancreas transplant. She walked for the National Kidney Foundation to raise awareness for kidney disease.


Power of the FaeThe Ancients spoke of a Mirrored Prophecy that would determine the future. One version of the prophecy spoke of a small female of mixed heritage giving birth to a child that will save mankind. The other side of the prophecy spoke of the female’s child being the demise of the world.

The Princess of the Light Fae, Arlina Waldmar, may be small but she is deadly. She is a member of the elite Guardians of the Fae. She has been given the assignment of going to the human realm to investigate the vanishing supernaturals.

Colin MacKenzie, Alpha wolf, has determined that finding a mate is not in his future. His people are vanishing. He will need to lead his Legion, defenders of werewolves to find them. His wolf has recognized a certain dark haired Faery Princess to be his mate, but he refuses to claim her.

There is an evil set on destroying the Human and Faery realms. Colin and Arlina must work together to defeat this evil. His thoughts are constantly on Arlina. Arlina knows there is no fighting the attraction between them. Can she convince him to give them a chance before it’s too late?


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*I was given a copy of this book by Stephanie’s Book Reports in exchange for an honest review.

5 stars for Power of the Fae by Ariel Marie!! This is the first book in The Mirrored Prophecy series, and it is a great read!!

Arlina Waldmar is part Fae and part human. She is the Princess of the Light Fae and a deadly member of the Guardians of the Fae. When many different types of supernatural beings go missing, she is sent to the human realm to investigate all of the mysterious disappearances. She soon learns of a prophecy that the ancient supernaturals spoke of called The Mirrored Prophecy. The prophecy had two different versions. One spoke of a small, dark haired female of mixed heritage who would give birth to a child who would save mankind. The other version spoke of this same child bringing the demise of the world. To say that she is shocked to learn that she is the female spoken about in the prophecy would be a huge understatement.

Colin Mackenzie is the alpha wolf of the Diamond pack. He has come to the conclusion that finding a mate is just not in his future. He is too busy leading and protecting his pack to even think about having a relationship. Imagine his surprise when he meets the Princess of the Light Fae, and his wolf recognizes her as his mate. Although is wolf continues to recognize her as his mate, Colin refuses to claim her. Arlina can’t stop thinking about Colin, so she decides to do everything within her power to convince him to give her a chance.

As Colin and Arlina work together to solve the mysterious disappearances that are taking place, they grow closer and closer. When they discover that an evil force is set on destroying both the human and faery realms, they must work together to save everyone and everything that they know and love.

This story is packed full of suspense and danger. Even though it ends in a cliff hanger, it is so worth reading. If you are looking for a story to lose yourself in, this is the book for you! One click it now!!



10 Years ago…
Snuggling down further in my bed, I turn over trying to get more comfortable. I
punch my pillow until it’s just right. Suddenly a loud rumble could be heard followed by
the palace alarms screaming, alerting everyone of an emergency! My eyes pop open.
What the heck is that?
I jump from my bed tossing my shoes on. Grabbing my new katana that was just
given to me on my fifteenth birthday last week, I strap it to my back and head out into the
hallway. There are a few maids and a guard running down the hallway. I look around
and spot my personal maid Tillie running towards me.
“Tillie!” I run over to meet her. “What is going on?”
“What are you doing out of your room? The palace is under attack! Let’s get the
hell out of here!” Tillie shouts while trying to drag me down the hallway with her. I pull
back in the opposite direction trying to go down the front hallway stairs.
“No! I must find my parents and brother!” I run down the stairs to the main hallway
with Tillie on my heels.
“Are you crazy?” she yells. I ignore her and keep going. Palace guards are running
towards the front door while a few are directing people to the back of the building. The
alarm is still blaring, signifying that the palace is under attack. This doesn’t seem like the
drills they make us practice. I follow behind the guards sensing that they are heading in
the direction of my father.
“Arlina, no! You cannot go that way! You know we are supposed to take you to the
escape tunnel if we are under attack! That’s a standing order from your father!” Tillie
yells over all of the noise as she follows me. “He’ll kill me if he sees you out here! Your
father would not want you in the middle of this!”
“I don’t care! I’m not leaving without my family! I can help! I’ve been training.”
The thought that my family could be in danger drives me to hunt them down. I am a
Waldmar, dammit! We don’t run from a fight! The last guard makes a sharp right at the
end of the hallway and I follow.
As I round the corner, I see my father and brother speaking with a few
Guardians and The Royal Guard of the palace. My father Vamir Waldmar, Prince of the
Light Fae, stands tall with his long blond hair in one single braid running down his back.
My brother Keegan stands next to my father. He is the spitting image of my father. My
mother always jokes around that she wasn’t sure who carried my brother, her or my
father. My brother’s hair is the same. He stands about two inches taller than my father at
six foot four inches. Both of them are decked out in the normal Guardian tactical gear.
My father is barking orders to the Royal Guards and the Guardians that are surrounding
him. I yell my brother’s name as I run towards them.
“Keegan!” His eyes narrow as they lock on me. His eyes are cold as he stares into
mine. I just ignore his infamous death stare. “Where’s mom?”
“Lina, what the hell are you doing here?” He ignores my question. “You
know what you are supposed to do if we are under attack! This is not a drill, this is for
real!” He turns to Tillie. “Tillie, you know the protocol when the alarm sounds! Get her
out of here now!”
“No, I’ve been training! I can help! I don’t want to leave you!” I stress to him.
We don’t leave family behind, ever! I’m not leaving without them. I’m determined to try
to help my family defend our home. I have been enduring self-defense, combat and
weapons training for a year now. It is required that all members of the royal family be
able to defend themselves and become proficient with a weapon. All of my trainers have
said that I have excelled at physical combat and the use of a sword, hence, my father
buying me a katana for my birthday. My dream is to one day become a member of the
elite Guardians with my brother.
“Lina, you’re fifteen, you are not fighting now! This is real, not one of those
simulations!” he shouts at me. My dad looks over at me, his face clouded with anger.
There’s no point in arguing, even if Keegan lets me stay, my father will not. My father’s
rage when released is unmatched by anyone. Keegan flags down a Royal Guard.
“Go to the rendezvous point. Wait for us there, we’ll get mom and meet you!”
He turns to the guard. “You are to take the Princess and her maid Tillie to the evacuation
tunnels. I don’t care if you have to put her over your shoulder! You are to take Princess
Arlina to the evacuation point at the South Hills marina! She better be there when I get
there!” he barks to the guard, his cold eyes drilling holes through the guard. The guard,
visibly shaken, salutes my brother with a “Yes sir!”.
“Kee, where is mom? Don’t make me leave you! I want to stay!” I try
fighting the guard who is dragging me away. The guard shifts me around in front of him,
pushing me down another hallway away from my brother and father.
“We’re going to get her. She’s in her tower, now go!” The east tower is a tall,
glass encased tower that my father added to the palace for my mother after they were
married. In the tower is her spell room where she is able to practice her witchcraft. My
father leads the Guardians and the Royal Guard out the front door with their weapons
drawn. There is another rumble then a loud explosion that shatters the glass of all the
windows and rattles the whole palace. We’re all thrown to the floor. I break away from
the guard and Tillie, running down the hallway towards the front door.
“No!” I scream as I look to the east and see the glass tower encased in flames.
The smoke pours out of the hole in the roof into the night sky. The smoke resembles
white clouds against the dark midnight sky. My legs give out causing me to fall to my
knees as I scream for my mother. If she was in her beloved tower, there is no way that
she could have survived that massive explosion.
Everywhere I look, Guardians and the Royal Guards have engaged in
fighting. Several other parts of the palace are on fire releasing more thick smoke making
it even more difficult to see. Everything is moving in slow motion. Looking around, I see
bodies lying around on the ground. The smoke is becoming a thick fog. I can’t tell who
is attacking us through all the smoke and the cover of the night.
Through the foggy haze I can see dark creatures with large wingspans flying
through the sky. All around me, I hear screams and the sound of swords clashing in the
air. To my left, I see Viktor, a seasoned Guardian, in the midst of battle with a grotesque
creature. He swiftly swings his sword and I watch the head of the enemy fall to the
ground and roll away. The body stands stunned before collapsing to the ground. It is a
dark muscular body with wings. Never before have I laid eyes on such a creature. The
body begins to disintegrate slowly right before my eyes. I blink my eyes a few times,
praying that my eyes are playing tricks on me.
My father and brother along with the Guardians and Royal Guards have
engaged in fighting these creatures that are invading our land and attacking our home.
These creatures are not of the Fae. The creatures skin ranges from brown to midnight
black, some are winged and some are not. They have large claws and blood tinged eyes
with large horns coming out of their heads. Faery is home to plenty of different types of
creatures but none that look like these invaders. Even the Dark Fae doesn’t have any
beings that resemble these.
What is going on? A part of the decimated building begins to fall to the ground.
Tears roll down my face, making it harder to see with all the smoke surrounding me. I’m
grabbed from behind by the palace guard and dragged away, screaming, crying and
twisting my body trying to get free. As I watch, my brother and father run into the
thickest part of the dark fog, there is another explosion behind us and everything goes

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About the Author: Anna Imagination

Biographical Info... What you seek is my Story. Every Soul is a "Blurb" as one would read on the back of the book. But can people be "unwrapped" so easily? Most importantly, why try? I have long since learned to preserve the Savory that comes with Discovery. Learning of another Soul is a Journey. It is an Exploration. And it does not do the Soul Justice to try and condense a Soul Journey into a Bio.