2016 Book Blast Alex E. Carey

Brain to Books2016 Summer Book Blast(1)

Brain to Books Presents Alex E. Carey

  • Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal Romantic Suspense
  • Series: Water’s Reflection (The Elemental Series Book #3)

Water's ReflectionThe tides change for Kira, as her life and powers become more dangerous. Pyre, a fire demon and Kira’s boyfriend, confronts his own past, but a new foe may cause him to lose everything. Lowell, a wolf demon and their friend, must forgive himself for his past love’s death or lose his new love. Will they survive or will they drown in the Water’s Reflection? Buy on Amazon

About the Author

Alex E. Carey was born in Texas and majored in English at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. When she started college, she planned to be a dance teacher or an archaeologist. Kira’s story came to her during her first semester of college. Alex scribbled stories in between classes and ideas continued to flow for more stories and characters. She soon realized she was meant to be a writer. She is now the author of three published novels in the Elemental Series. She is currently working on the fourth book in the series, as well as other short stories and novels in progress.

Alex E. CareyAlex studied dance since the age of four. She took classes in several dance forms and enjoyed them all, but her favorite was modern/contemporary. She still loves dance and stays in practice when not working or writing. She believes in tolerance and acceptance and feels strongly about equal rights for all. She is passionate about issues involving women, children, the elderly, animals and the environment.

Alex enjoys a variety of books and genres, but her favorites are paranormal and fantasy. She reads a variety of authors and has many favorites including Emily Dickinson, Kim Harrison, Percy Jackson, Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, J. K. Rowling, and William Shakespeare.

When not at work on her latest book, she enjoys reading, walking trails, gem mining and spending time with her family and their three dogs. Official Site

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