Work in Progress Facebook Game

I was tagged to participate in this Work in Progress game by Jay Norry!

The rules are simple. Post the first sentence of the first 3 chapters in your WIP to your wall and tag other writer friends, making sure to tag the person who sent the request to you.

This one is hard as I have a few WIP’s… I select two WIP’s!

“For You” due to release in August 2016!

  1. Chapter 1: Waking up has never been so cruel.
  2. Chapter 2: I can’t stay away any longer.
  3. Chapter 3: I lay on my bed, staring at the ceiling.

“Fire and Lies (Tales of the Drui Book #2) due to release this Friday!

  1. Chapter 1:Kallan gazed upon the six wide longships nestled within the River Raum, its water lapping at their sterns.
  2. Chapter 2: Light from the setting sun poured over the waters, dowsing the earth in streaks of orange and red.
  3. Chapter 3: The night air moved in as Kallan lay within her bedroll.

About the Author: Anna Imagination

Biographical Info... What you seek is my Story. Every Soul is a "Blurb" as one would read on the back of the book. But can people be "unwrapped" so easily? Most importantly, why try? I have long since learned to preserve the Savory that comes with Discovery. Learning of another Soul is a Journey. It is an Exploration. And it does not do the Soul Justice to try and condense a Soul Journey into a Bio.