The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 15

***SPOILER ALERT… And I say nothing of importance in this review***


“You’ll be alright.”

Now that is a line they inserted JUST for the female populace and to keep the riots at bay.

This all looks familiar. Everyone split up to go look for someone they can’t find.


Does anyone else remember Rick’s last words to Sophia?

“Keep the sun to your left.”

Or something like that. There is so much about this episode that just takes me back to a manhunt that ended in a tearful refrain back in Season #2. For me, of all the deaths so far, Sophia’s death had the most impact on me. I think this is because hers was the first death I didn’t expect. Hers was the first death I didn’t see coming. She was the first character I grew attached to.

I’m all over social media. Before I even saw the show, I had a list of faces and names who I knew wouldn’t make it. The day they made their debut, I knew they wouldn’t survive. I wouldn’t fall in love. I wouldn’t grow attached. I felt nothing when Beth died. I was surprised in how she died. When I saw Maggie fall to the pavement screaming for Beth… no tears. Not until I saw Daryl’s face twisted into a kind of hell over her death… Oh, yeah… I lost it. Waterworks. I can’t see him cry and not cry myself. I don’t like him hurt.

But Sophia was the first face not on those lists. I truly had expected her to live. I truly did not think the writers would kill a child in the show. I was waiting to find Sophia weeks later, in a second arc… perhaps in season #3 living well with another adopted family. Perhaps Rick would have to fight to get Sophia back. Not in a million years did I expect Sophia to not only die, but for her to come walking out of the barn as a zombie… I joined Carol and fell to the floor screaming and crying.

I need to stop here and explain something unrelated. I have not watched or read Game of Thrones. My BFF is huge into the show. She first told me how much my books are like GoT and how I actually quote the show in a couple places without ever actually seeing the show. There are dragons in the show I think. One thing my BFF tells me often about GoT, is that she has no idea who the MC is. So she has no idea who will or won’t die.

A huge part of me takes the concept to Walking Dead. I’m not sure if they’re pulling the same thing as GoT. Will Rick die? Just as we think the show is about Rick and Daryl, will they die and really its about Carl and Judith? So yes. There is a huge part of GoT that influences my wiliness to attach myself to these characters.

I started watching The Walking Dead when Season #5 began. Since Sophia’s death, I still had two additional seasons of no surprises to pan out. I knew Tyree would die. I knew Andrea would die. I knew Beth would die.

Something changed when I started Season #5. I started to attach myself to the Atlanta Five… and Michonne. Carl, Rick, Glenn, Daryl, Carol, and now Michonne. I felt nothing when Denise died. I still feel nothing for Rosita. Abraham is slowly growing on me. Eugene… I will be sad if Eugene dies. I am really growing fond of Eugene through his wit. Judith. I will scream and riot if Judith dies. I can’t wait for Maggie to die. I know! I know! I’m a heartless bitch!

Honestly, she has got… the UGLIEST voice… I just can’t stand her when she opens her mouth. I looked it up. I had to. The sound was so Baldr bad I had to look up where she lived to make sense of it all. The actress has lived in New Jersey, Surrey, and Georgia. That’s New Jersey, Cockney-English, and Georgia all rolled in to one. It sounds like a zombie threw up in her mouth.

I have spent too many decades watching My Fair Lady to ever stomach that accent ever. Professor Higgins is rolling over in his grave right now.  My only worry when Maggie dies is for Glenn. I don’t want him to have that kind of pain. So, for Glenn, I tolerate the abomination that slurs from Maggie’s mouth every time she talks. For the record, Lauren Cohan is a wonderful actress IMO, and I do hold her in the utmost highest respects… so long as she doesn’t speak.

So enough about the thing that is Maggie’s mouth… I’m not attached, and can’t wait for her to die… but I am also dreading her death for Glenn’s sake. When I thought Glenn died, I did not handle the news well. I was pretty miserable that night and was pretty lousy toward my husband (Sorry, sweetie!) After that story arc, Glenn joined the ranks of Rick and Daryl. After Carl’s eye… Carl joined the ranks.

Now here I am, six seasons later and I have no frickin’ clue who is next in line to die. Carl, Rick, Glenn, Daryl, Carol, Michonne, and Judith. These are the Sacred Seven. If they die, I’ll lose it. I know I will. Morgan, Maggie, Abraham, Sasha… Enid… Take them all! I don’t care! Don’t you touch my Sacred Seven.

How do I feel about missing Carol? How do I feel about Daryl being shot? Well, I believe Carol is dead and we are going to see the same set up with Carol as we did with Sophia. Carol leaves, we launch a search party that quickly ends due to other drama, Carol is briefly forgotten, and when we forget about her the most, she shows up as a zombie. Now it’s Daryl who is on his hands and knees screaming and crying as he tries to run to her. It is Rick who has to hold him back. Predictable? Maybe? Bittersweet? Most definitely.

As for Daryl’s wound… May I remind you that this is the same son’a’bitch who wore a zombie ear necklace… who fell on his arrows and scaled a stone cliff with his arrow through his side only to be shot in the face by Andrea—Rot in Peace, Andrea. The same guy who threw his brother’s severed hand at some kid and said, “See what happened to the last guy who messed with me?” I think Daryl will be fine. It did crack me up that, right after shooting Daryl, the writers added the line, “You’ll be alright.”

The writers bought themselves a little time before the riots start up.

For the record, Ed, while I did scream “No!” at the TV like a little pansy-ass girl, I did not cry. Though, I wept like a baby when I thought Glenn died.

Did I say anything intelligent at all in this review? Ah, well. I’m having a lax day.

Oh, and Maggie is miscarrying the baby.

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