The HMS Slush Brain: Debauched Voyages (Part 5)

And we’re back! It’s been a while… all of us working and editing and stuff. Once more, I give you The HMS Slush Brain: Debauched Voyages (Part 5) Star Trekking Wars!

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And the players are…

Science fiction author, the beautiful Stanislava D. Kohut

 Stanislava just posted her Christmas tree.

Stanislava: The weather has been pretty awful here. Lots of high, strong winds and rain, but it should get nicer in a week or so. I did some online Black Friday shopping – nothing major, but still fun.

Angela: Oooooh!!! Loverly, Stani! I need to takes pictures of mine, but I need to put all the Star Trek ornaments on it first.

Angela: Hehehehee!!!! I’ll go Instagram it now!

I love this shot. It feels like star wars are happening on my tree!

Matt Harrill: Looks like  Star Trek to me 😉
Kylie: Now that’s a mashup!
Stanislava: I know!! Captain Kirk & Spock teaming up with Luke & Leia to overthrow Darth Vader, who teamed up with the Borg collective!!
Stansislava: Love your tree, Angie, btw!! So much Star Trek awesomeness!! Ooohhhhh, Spock would try to correct Yoda’s speech 😀

Chess DeSalls: That might force a mind meld. Live long and prosper, we must. Hmmmmmm.

Kylie: Lol! Beam me up Yoda :p

 C.L. Schneider: As Han is encased in carbonite, Counselor Troi collapses. “Pain! I feel so much pain!”  Sorry. Had to throw a little Next Gen in there

Stanislava: Thanks, Angie!!!

Angela: (((HUGS)))

 J.R. Swiger: Ok maybe this fixed it. Oh hello everyone, hope you had a happy Turkey Day 😉

Stansilava: Hugs back!!!

Chess:  Now I want a Vetter Cruiser.

Swiger: Oh and Cindy, Han and McCoy can drink together 😛 Spock can tell Yoda how illogical the force is 😉 and Kirk’s emotions would get the better of him and he would conquer the galaxy as the new Sith Lord

Schneider: Evil alternate universe Sulu would be eager to swap steal with Worf. And Scotty would most definitely be in on that drinking. Poor Wesley Crusher would walk into Kirk’s quarters to deliver a report and get quite an early education 🙂

Swiger: Hey I figured out Kylo Ren’s identity, It’s Kirk 😛

Angela: Ugh! I hate that I missed this! Wesley would see the same fate as the tribbles. “I gave him a good home,” Scotty says. “Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrraw” Chewy agrees.

This is going up on my site guys as the Debauched Voyages Part 5

Schneider: Just fix my typo- steal to steel 🙂

Angela: 🙂 The worse we had (my editor and I) was billows vs. bellows. Neither she nor I caught it. 🙁 One of the beta readers did. I took the typo back to her and we both guffawed over our profound stupidness. Neither of us have yet to live it down.

Harrill: Resistance is futile. You shall be adapted to service Microsoft.

Angela: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ANYTHING BY MICROSOFT!!!! Read me Vogon poetry!! Turn me Borg!! Anything but Microsoft!!! Did I tell you, my computer has a virus. It’s called Microsoft.

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