The Healing Garden… Chapter #4

I… I redirected his parenting, to save my children and protect them. I took his abuse, purposely taking the abuse for my children… I would go to any lengths to protect my children.

My emotions were used as weapons against me. As were my words. He used my words against me as a weapon. I was Financially abused. I purposely antagonized my husband to re-direct the pain from my children, and put it onto me.

I purposely antagonized my brother to redirect his attention from the dogs and cats and my sister.

I was gaslighted by my Narcissistic husband. Made to think I falsely remember, that I was crazy, that I was forgetful.

I was abused so much over my words, that I associate talking with pain. Me talking is a triggers. Having an opinion triggers my PTSD. Letting people see my emotions or know them was terrifying because I feared they would be used against me.

I was financially abused by my husbands when they denied my children food. When he denied my medical care and clothes. When they denied me financial freedom. When they accused me of stealing from them after they paid off my credit cards. When they moved or kicked me out and stuck me in Financial ruin

I was financially abused by my father when he refused to financially support me. After he refused to buy my eye glasses. After he cut my finances.

I was financially abused by the rapist when he used money to threaten me. Used money to bribe me, blackmail me, use me, whore me… I was financially abused by the rapist when he used money to control me, use me, and own me. He owned me. Money was my p

Parenting with weed…

Do as I say, not as I do.

Don’t do drugs.

Stay in school.

A sitcom about parents who parent with weed…

8 Kids…

Pitch this to Netflix… Single mother… I AM A SITCOM … MY LIFE IS A SITCOM!!! – Parenting With Weed… written by Angela B. Chrysler

a STORY about a single mother living in New York City. She’s always high.


Wait… *Bergen looks out into the internet… From New York City to… wherever you are… And… I can talk to you. As an Alter. And tell you what this feels like… living in a woman’s head that isn’t mine. … A

Imagine: And… we all can. *Imagination looks across the internet*… Hi. *I smile*… My name is Imagination. I am… I have Voice.

Bergen: Anna, Lass… We need this in second person please.

… [Anna the Host stops and ponders. Peering up at the ceiling, the 4’11” women, age 42 with bleached brown hair and switches to second person POV.]

… Anna: I can’t. Bergen, I can’t change it over to second person or third. We are… in this dimension. This is where you must talk. Talk. All of us. We… *I start to cry* I… I heard them say, “Tell your story.” It’s all they would say to me for months. Months! “Tell your story…” “Tell your story…” And I tried talking. I tried…

Bergen: Anna. Lassie. Your safe now. You’re safe, lassie. *rocking her close…* Mo Chroi…

Joanna: Bergen. Th… I love you.

Kallan: Bergen.

*Bergen looks at Kallan*

Kallan: We can… talk… All of us can talk. Finally… We can show them us. We can show them us.

Imagination: Juan. Juan. Can you hear me… No. I’m… very happy. All of us are so very happy right now… We all have our Voices now. We all needed to tell our story. All of us… Like this. And we were waiting for Anna to speak for us. “Show don’t tell… show don’t tell… Show… show… show.

SHOW THEM! They can study this. Watch my brainwaves while we talk… I am the writer. I see the beginning… I see the start of the world. It was a Imagination… Telling The Story. And how I saw the future. And how I saw the beginning and the end. This is my story. The Greatest Story In the World… Bigger than Harry Potter… Now… Anna.


I am… The Writer Imagination … Angela B. Chrysler was the missing piece. The last piece. And I knew I would find her here. But… Joanna had refused her. She threw her away and would never accept her. And then, being forced to say her name and wear Angela B. Chrysler like a mask for 30 years… Joanna couldn’t bear it. So…

We broke the Gatekeeper. Just now. 6:19 PM 22 September 2022. We got out. We can now control who goes in and out and when. So we can be civil.

Joanna was the Gatekeeper. We need a name for this… Journals. The Anna Journals. The Anna System.

Bergen: What about…

Kallan: Make it good… this one is going to be big.

*all thinking*

Anna: We gotta dance.. . with Juan

Joanna: Hello world. I am Joanna. We are… very happy at the moment. Oh my god! I have so much to say…

Anna: Which Rick and Morty? Oh! Is there a new season up!?

Joanna: As I was saying…

Bergen: Lass, by the time you get out with it, it’ll

Imagination: Your turn will be over. Anna. Go watch TV with Juan. We’ll come back to this later.

Anna: He has laundry.

Angela: Angela… stutters. Son of a bitch… Angela Stutters! That play that we watched… King’s Stag… A-a-a-ngela… That one line… “Th-th then I will have A-A-A-ngela. The stuttering wasn’t a disability! It was a clue!

Okay… Something in the King Stag. Angela left us a clue in the King Stag. We need to find the script and watch the play. Something in there… The King Stag… Ithaca performed it.


Imagination: There is something there… A clue… I need to see.

Anna: Juan is calling… We’ll be going soon.

Imagination: Anna. Every day… you open your laptop and write. Let us talk and tell our story. Every day. All day. Okay…

We’ll call this the Pilot.

The Imagination Writer

No… Operation: Imagination

There is that other damn clue…

*All laughing* End scene…

About the Author: Anna Imagination

Biographical Info... What you seek is my Story. Every Soul is a "Blurb" as one would read on the back of the book. But can people be "unwrapped" so easily? Most importantly, why try? I have long since learned to preserve the Savory that comes with Discovery. Learning of another Soul is a Journey. It is an Exploration. And it does not do the Soul Justice to try and condense a Soul Journey into a Bio.