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2016 Book Blast Assaph Mehr

Brain to Books Presents Assaph Mehr Genre: Historical Fantasy Series: Felix the Fox Mysteries “Hardcore Historical Fantasy – Felix the Fox is Sherlock Holmes in Ancient Times” — Jonathan Maas, author of City of Gods – Hellenica “Mehr is a master alchemist, blending the real and surreal on a captivating flight of fantasy.” — Cynthia […]

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2016 Book Blast Devorah Fox

Brain to Books Presents Devorah Fox Genre: Epic Historical Fantasy The Redoubt, Book Four of The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam Finalist for 50 Self-Published Books Worth Reading 2016. Having bested beast, man, and even his own failings, King Bewilliam has regained his throne, reunited with his sons, and restored his embattled kingdom, yet something […]

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