Reasons why Iron Man is better than Batman

29 Iron man grows as a character. He’s dimensional.

28 Batman is incompetent (Barbara Gordon)

27 Iron Man never had a Lego Movie created that totally bashed his franchise.

26 Batman Blows

25 Iron Man doesn’t need a signal.

24 Iron Man doesn’t brood.

23 Iron Man doesn’t feel so insecure as to need to brand everything with an Iron Man style. “The Iron Copter. The Iron Boots. The Iron Lab.” Batman has “mine mine mine” issues, clearly. (Compliments of Adam Dreece)

22 Iron Man is confident enough to have a grown man in a suit that’s got more firepower than he does, instead of having children dressed in colorful “shoot me” colors (Compliments of Adam Dreece)

Adam Dreece

21 All Iron Man ever needs is his Pepper

20 Iron Man is aware of his mental issues and fixes them whereas Batman enables his

19 Iron Man isn’t afraid to antagonize Bruce Banner…repeatedly

18 Iron Man isn’t afraid to openly mock the gods

17 Robert Downing Jr.

16 Iron Man knows how to have fun!

15 Iron Man isn’t supported by Haskins

14 Iron Man knows how to live things up

13 Iron Man doesn’t model his life style after a flying mammal that resembles a rat

12 Iron Man can fly

11 Iron Man has several AWESOME cars

10 Iron Man 3 (literally…the whole movie.)

9 Iron Man gave his home address to a terrorist…and survived.

8 Iron Man only needs one actor to portray him.

7 Iron Man has more than one suit

6 Iron Man doesn’t need an Alfred.  Iron Man BUILT his Alfred!

5 Iron Man doesn’t have commitment issues

4 All Iron Man ever needs is Home Depot and a box of Christmas ornaments

3 Iron Man doesn’t NEED his suit!

2 Iron Man looked at the camera and said, “I am Iron Man.”

1 Iron Man doesn’t hide behind the mask


The comments made in this post are not to be taken seriously by anyone…unless they support Iron Man.  No comments are meant to offend anyone.  They are meant to amuse and delight the general audience.  All comments made here do not reflect the professional opinion of Angela B. Chrysler, but amplify her support for Iron Man who is better than Batman.



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