Poo-Pourri Review

I don’t write reviews unless I’m REALLY angry about a product, like my coffee maker. Oh, yes! Now THAT was a passionate review. Or really excited about a product…like Poo-Pourri. So here it is! I call it, “ATTENTION PARENTS! IT WORKS ON VOMIT TOO!”

Yes, I spray the toilet. Yes, my poo now smells like a fresh spring breeze passing through my gardens. I carry Poo-Pourri in my purse because, hey! It’s when I’m using a public bathroom that I’m most conscious about my poo stinking up any bathroom. As amusing as this is, I wasn’t surprised because, HEY! There are like five million reviews on Amazon all claiming the same thing. IT. WORKS. That’s not why I’m writing this review.

Two days after buying Poo-Pourri, I had to pick up a sick child from school. Violent vomiting in my car? No problem! I’m a Pro-Mom with three children. I know what I’m doing. I keep a puke bucket in the car at all times, and we successfully kept the vomit contained. But the odor in the car was UNBEARABLE and it was like -20 outside (no kidding. This is New York), so cracking a window was not an option.

Light bulb!

Sick child in the car. Poo-Pourri in my purse. Out of sheer curiosity, I handed the spritz to my daughter and told her to spray the bottom of the puke bucket expecting this to not work, but it was worth a shot. Mind you. She already had vomited. She sprayed the Magical Mist and two minutes later, she vomited again.

First, I need to say that the Poo-Pourri stopped the smell from the vomit that had already been vomited THEN it stopped all odor from the future vomits! She vomited and we smelled lavender! IT WAS WEIRD! And very effective. I’m still flabbergasted! SERIOUSLY! PARENTS! GET THIS FOR THOSE PUKING KIDS! IT’S ASTOUNDING! I can not clean up vomit without gagging on the smell!!

I bought my Poo-Pourri from a local store, but just have to get this discovery out there to parents locked in cars with puking children.

About the Author: Anna Imagination

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