Here is a collection of deleted pieces taken from Lorlenalin’s Lies.


From the Prologue:

“And Odinn help us if ever she does.” Aaric released the bridge of his nose.

“Her Seidr,” he whispered. “The Shadow would have masked Kallan’s Seidr.”


He had masked her Seidr from Danann too well. There is a chance…

And all at once, hope rekindled and quelled Aaric’s grief.

She may still live, and if she does, Fand doesn’t know. If Kallan lives, she is the most safe right now. So long as Fand still thinks Kallan is dead. But the only way I’ll know is if I go there and get her back myself. But no one can know. We can slip away together, beneath Fand’s knowledge… and no one will have to know.

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