Poem – My Sea of Dreams


Once, before enchantment ebbed,

Once before my magic’s end,

There beyond the forest’s edge,

I saw my sea of dreams.


Abandoning my shoes and socks,

Rolling up my jeans and frocks,

Taking up my sticks and rocks,

I dove into my sea.


And there it was my dreams were real.

There my magic I could wield,

There it was I learned to yield,

to my sea of dreams.


Soon my mother called for me.

With a sigh, I snatched my things.

Looking back, I left my dreams,

My fantasies, my sea.


Watching now from my porch swing,

My children dance, they squeal, they sing.

With a sigh they answer me,

And then I see the world they see.

They found my sea of dreams.

About the Author: Angela