Poem – In Death

In death we vanquished enemies,

In death, we slew our foes.

Blood soaked rage engulfed our blades,

When blood lust took its hold.

In death, a darkness troubled one,

In death, concealed, undone.

Deep in darkness dragons wait,

When blood would set the sun.

In death, we glorified his name.

In death, we saw too late,

When drink, to him, we raised in praise,

The dragon sealed his fate.

In death, we lived. In death, we fought.

In death, we grew to hate.

In death, the blackened wraith released,

The blinded shade beneath.

In death, his darkened eyes grew dim.

In death, his mind was lost within.

With blackened eyes, he slew his kin,

In death, we lost to him.

In death, I took up sword and slew.

In death, the dragon’s wrath ensued.

We had no choice. The dragon fumed.

In death, he was consumed.

In death, our brother’s blood deplored,

In death, our brother, did I gore,

When I rose up and killed one more.

His blood ensconced my sword.

From death, his mutterings are weak.

From death, his voice, to me, it speaks.

Entombed within my brother’s keep,

Revived in death, he sleeps.”


Excerpt from Dolor and Shadow

About the Author: Angela