How big is big?

This post is to answer the one question many authors have asked me. Also, I am a visual learner and don’t get what 500 pages “looks” like. So this is me, showing all of you how big Dolor and Shadow really is!

For this comparison I am using Patrick Rothfuss’ The Name of the Wind and also Ms. Rowling’s Harry Potter Book #3.

Dolor and Shadow is 160,000 words long. In print, that is 520 pages long. It is a “trade” book, which means it is about 6×9. On my bookshelf, it looks like this!

Harry Potter Book #3 had considerable larger font than Dolor and Shadow. While The Name of the Wind is slightly larger than Dolor.

I realize now that the Big Six used cream to offset the white pages. I think this is to reduce eye strain. So, I will be copying that format and changing Dolor and Shadow over to cream to match.


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