Here it is.The only positive Cats (2019) Movie Review

Here it is…The only positive review on the movie Cats (2019)

In 500 words or less,

Cats is about a beauty pageant—a pageant that judges the inside beauty—set to song and dance as an excuse to sing and dance. Cats is fun for those of us who love singing and dancing all for the sake of singing and dancing.

First and foremost, Cats is a ballet. It’s about the dancing.

If you hate ballet or dancing, don’t watch Cats.

Cats is a musical-opera. If you hate operas or musicals, don’t watch Cats.

Cats was not made for cat lovers. It was made for ballet and musical-opera lovers.

No matter how much you love felines, you really shouldn’t watch Cats unless you love ballet, opera, or musicals. If you do love ballet, opera, musicals AND cats, then you’re in for a REAL treat!

Cats (2019) is a remake of the 1998 film Cats! Unless you follow Broadway and ballet, you probably don’t know that.

For those of you who do love ballet and musical-opera…the movie was gorgeous! For someone who has been stuck watching the 1998 film for 20 years, this movie was everything I could hope for and much more!

James Corden stole the show with his portrayal of Bustopher Jones. Every problem I ever had with the 1998 film was corrected! Goodbye garbage dump! Goodbye poorly lit staging! Goodbye garbage props! The movie brought out every element of the musical that ballet fans love! I was thrilled to see that they kept a lot of the original choreography and all the dance numbers! After all, the dancing is why we go to see Cats!

The plot was cleared up. The CGI was stunning, adding to the illusion without covering the dancers’ form! The sets were gorgeous! Finally!   

Hudson was terrible. The role was too good for her. She ruined the role of Grizabella and butchered one of Broadway’s most beautiful ballads. Where was Kristin Chenoweth or Idina Mendel? Ian McKellen was so beautiful as Gus! Idris Elba as Macavity was perfect! Victoria finally got the role she deserved!

For a more thorough rant…read on.

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