December 2015 Meeting


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1 December 2015

7:00 PM UK time
2:00 PM EST
11:00 AM PST

I think that covers the majority of time zones…

I will be starting this meeting on the hour exact.

Hello, Authors!
Time to unite!

While emailing Matthew William Harrill and Chess DeSalls in conversation, I realized we all had some great ideas as far as what authors can do to improve, what we can do to reach readers, what are we doing wrong… and right. So this is me as Brain to Books, calling us to a meeting on December 1st.

This is a business meeting regarding networking and marketing. The purpose of this meeting is to provide ideas, present problems, brainstorm and share solutions.

Come as a writer with some piece of information that has proven to help you. Come as a writer with a problem you need a solution to. Come as a writer who feels clueless and hopes to learn, though they feel they can’t contribute.

There is no end time, but I hope this will unite us and get us all on the same page rather than having us work independently.

Before the quesion is asked, if you know a writer, INVITE THEM! BRING THEM! If they can benefit from this at all, please send them the invite. Bring them in!

This group will remain up and active as news comes in. I hope to repeat this meeting once a month and will probably post a summary on my site… or something.

*Note: There will not be a meeting on 1 January 2016 because most of us will most likely be hung over. I may schedule the next meeting out for another day. Meeting will never be held on a Saturday or Sunday.

Please share and invite this event to #awethors #indiebooksbeseen The Shikari, I have Brain to Books covered. eBookBFF. Anyone else? Have I missed any large group? If so, pass the news.


If you can’t make the meeting, no worries. This will be a monthly or quarterly event. We’ll decide at the meeting. Also, I am leaving the event up for those who missed it. And a summary will be made available.



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