Dear Christian…again

On the subject of hate and fear…

I was watching Big Bang Theory the other day. Sheldon said something that bothered me. Quick recap:

Sheldon’s mother is a Fundamental Southern Baptist from Texas. Leonard’s mother is a professional psychologist and atheist. The women meet and, let’s just say it didn’t go well. Fast forward to this episode. The women will be reunited. In the car, Sheldon tells his mother, “Leondard’s mother is there.”

“Oh.” Sheldon’s mother attempts to stop a nervous frown, fails, and begins to fidget with the necklace on her chest. “That’s nice,” she says and pulls a crucifix from inside her blouse and promptly pats it to her chest.”

“Oh, mother, stop it,” Sheldon says. “She’s an atheist. Not a vampire.”

I didn’t laugh. I burst into tears. Sheldon hit a very real topic on the head with that line.

“She’s an atheist. Not a vampire.”

I nodded. Yeah. That’s what it is. They (Christians) treat us (Atheists) like a contagious disease. Like Satan is within me and if they get too close, they’ll catch it. They assume I’m without morals because I lack their god. They treat me like I’m a vampire. I’m just an Atheist. I finally have the words…It’s hurtful. Their assumption of me…it hurts. That isn’t very Christ-like at all. They do feel I’m inferior to them.

I know not all Christians feel this way. But my experience…My past…

I’ve been hurt, so very hurt by them. They’ve earned my hate. Do I act on this hate?

… … …

I don’t know. Many of my friends are Christian. My best friend is Christian. Many of my scars are from Christians and “good ol’ Christian values.”

Here’s the thing: every frickin’ one of them, without exception, has used a variation of one single line on me over and over again: “Well, we’re not those kind of Christians,” or “They’re not true Christians.” It’s hard to not lump them all into the same group when they’re all saying the same thing: they think they’re better.

My daughter came home from school last week angry because she was told she’s going to Hell. She was hurt. Being told something like that hurts. “Well, she should be,” the Christian says.” I’ve seen Christians smile at this, thinking that the hurt they inflicted is “God’s love working on them.”

So…I guess…I’m writing this because I need to say it to each and every one of you. You fucking hurt me! You’re rude about your religion! I have morals and ethics! I have a moral compass! And now you’re hurting my daughter! Why should I love your god when you treat me and my children like this? I judge your religion by your actions. In fact, we all judge every religion based on the actions of its followers. What I have seen from Christians is disgusting. They’re vile, condescending, hurtful people. They are power hungry, materialistic, and feel because they worship “the one true god,” they have a god-given right to treat the rest of us like shit. And when they instill hurt and fear in others, the fill up with pride thinking this is the work of their god.

Are all Christians like this? No. Some Christians do keep their internal conflicts to themselves. But many of them, the majority of them in my experience, most of them, don’t. Most of them are just mean.

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