So…I was mowing the lawn today when fluff went “Floof!” When I looked down I saw a little baby bunny, on its back behind me…stretching.

Bunnies Nest

Upon closer inspection, I located a total of seven bunnies, nestled in a hole in the middle of our yard.

Baby Bunnies Bunnies 1 bunnies 3  


This is the second year that a rabbit has nested in our yard. Last summer, we left the bunnies. This spring we had five bunnies. This summer we have seven more *angry eyes.* This year we are not leaving the bunnies. I made some phone calls this afternoon and am currently locating a rescue shelter for them. I have three kids who play in the yard and I’m worried they’ll get stepped on 🙁


PS – The lawn mower did not harm the bunnies 🙂

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