“Broken” Review

Review for “Broken.”


Poignant and brutally honest, Broken grasped me and didn’t let me go from the very first page.

To read someone’s life story is usually a very personal and intimate affair. With Broken, I experienced everything through Angela’s gripping and at times heart wrenching story telling. She doesn’t let any stone of her past unturned.

Angela doesn’t just tell you what hell she went through, she make you see it and feel it with every word delivered straight to your soul.

To write a memoir is not easy. Some stories feel too cleaned up, bleached and starched for the audience – hiding the truth behind a white washed facade. Another times the story is missing key plot lines, delivered haphazardly without a rhyme or a reason.

Not with Broken. Every chapter, every sentence, every word is perfectly placed, delivering a strong punch to your gut and to your heart – in the best way possible.

Angela is a master story teller, not swayed to make her story anything but what it is – a picture painted with blood, sweat, tears and honesty.

Angela is a Tour de Force, making her Broken one of the best, the saddest and most significant reads that I had the privilege to experience as a reader.


– This review was written by Stanislava D. Kohut

“Broken” releases on eBook and paperback this September.


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