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Welcome and thank you for following the #B2bCyCon Romance & Erotica Blog Tour. I am your host, Angela B. Chrysler: Author, philosopher, and nerd. For three days, I will be joining forces with a collection of bloggers who are taking time out to focus on a collection of Romance and Erotica authors. Take a moment, glance the books we are showcasing, meet the authors, then follow the tour!

Marie Johnston

White_Orchid1Genre:  Paranormal Romance

What do you love most about the women you write about? 
Their strength. In my first series, The Sigma Menace, the character Agent X was introduced in book one, FEVER CLAIM, and she got her own book that capped the series, PURE CLAIM. I looked forward to every scene with her because she was zany, strong, intelligent, and fiercely loyal.
What role do you believe romance novels/erotica play in our society?
The qualifying factor in romance is the happily ever after, which in my opinion is the reason it’s one of the highest selling genres. Many of us have grown up on fairy tales and love to believe that no matter what, all will end well. We’re surrounded by violence and heartbreak, our lives are driven by responsibilities, often taken over by circumstances out of our control. Readers flock to a genre because they know what they are getting, can depend on it.
   I often hear romance/erotica referred to as porn for women, giving it a negative connotation for both the genre and the reader. To me, a sex scene isn’t any different than writing a fight scene. There’s choreography to portray, and the relationship between those involved needs to be defined. All the scenes we write need to move the story along and it’s not different with sex scenes. They are meant to propel the story along by defining the relationship between characters, and/or to develop the reader’s understanding of a character. Other genres may utilize a romantic element to portray those feelings, or leave the reader to assume they’re there, but romance readers prefer to watch those emotions grow and develop. Trust and love can be complex, perplexing emotions to many of us, and they are no less fascinating in a story.
Why do you think we turn to stories about romance novels/erotica? What do you think we are needing from them?
I think it varies with each reader. For me, the happily ever after is extremely important, and I crave the escape from the real world. I started out reading fantasy, and one time a guy told me that I’d tire of reading books like that because they had nothing to do with real life. I thought, duh, that’s why I read them. If I need a self-help book, I’ll pick one out and I do enjoy reading them, but I read for fun and to relieve stress and want something that’ll leave me emotionally satisfied like only a happy ending can do. Shortly after I transitioned from reading fantasy to romance, I took a hiatus from novel reading; life felt too busy to take time for myself. But eventually I arrived at a place where I needed to get away without going anywhere. Romance novels can run the gamut of emotions, but we can count on the end to settle us back in a good place. 
     Another unique trait with romance is the duality within the novels. There’s the romance story/conflict that needs to parallel with the main story/conflict, whether it’s scifi, fantasy, suspense, etc… the romance stays the same, but lovers of others genres don’t have to leave that genre. I also believe romance novels as a form of entertainment are a movie on the go. Most blockbusters have a romance story with the plot and a happy ending, but romance novels are more accessible and allow us greater variety.


LM Nelson

LM NELSONGenre:  New adult/college romance; contemporary romance; medical fiction; general fiction

What do you love most about the women you write about? 

I write about several types of women.  Some nice, some not so nice.  The women in my books have very distinct personalities and each has her own agenda.  The thing I love most about my female characters is the human side of them.  They each have a wide range of emotions and each woman expresses herself in her own unique way.  They are strong women who also have a vulnerable side they aren’t afraid to express. My female characters are real; they represent women we may have known or encountered at some point during our lives.  Some may even be a reflection of ourselves.  To me, the women I write about are easy to relate to.  They’re human.
What role do you believe romance novels/erotica play in our society?   
Books in general allow readers to escape into a fantasy world.  The words written on a page evoke emotions.  Romance novels in particular offer a sense of hope and reaffirm that the power of love is strong enough to overcome any obstacle.
Why do you think we turn to stories about romance novels/erotica? What do you think we are needing from them?  
I think we turn to stories about romance and love because as humans, we seek human companionship. Almost every one of us has experienced the joys and heartaches of romantic relationships.  We relate to the characters’ emotions.

B.K. Rivers

 about-me-picGenre: New Adult contemporary romance

1. What do you love most about the women you write about?

As a writer, what I find most fascinating is that each character you create is different. Each person has their own voice, quirks, fears, motivation, etc. and that all comes out as we write. What I love most about the women I write about, is the growth and changes that occurs during the progress of the story. I’m a very basic “outliner” when it comes to my writing and so, for the most part, I know how the story will go and how it will end, however, there are times where a character will surprise me. Sometimes that just means there is an underlying issue that shows up or perhaps the direction I thought the story was heading takes a left turn. These little detours are fun and exciting and also a favorite of mine.

2. What role do you believe romance novels play in our society?
I think the role of romance novels comes in many different forms for everyone. It’s one of the largest selling genres in books today and possibly one of the most widely written. Romance encompasses so many fields: contemporary, fantasy, suspense, paranormal, etc. and each one of those can have a sub-genre of their own: rock star, cowboy, Viking, vampire, etc. I think it’s incredible what is available to read and better yet, what’s being created right now.

3. Why do you think we turn to stories about romance novels? What do you think we are needing from them?
I think for some, it’s all about the escape. Finding something that takes their mind off of the daily rigors of work, home life, kids, etc. For others, I think some find a bit of themselves in a character and experience the growth of that character on an emotional level. Not to say that we don’t all connect to a character on an emotional level, but I think some read romance for that reason.

Annjea Morgan

Genre: Steamy Romance
What do you love most about the women you write about? 
I like their imperfections, and watching them solve problems through the course of the book.  Some of my characters grow and some do not.  But all of them are strong women, women who are strong in their flexibility — not rigid, but like a tree in the wind, able to bend but not break.
What role do you believe romance novels/erotica play in our society? 
Romance novels give women a chance to “go on vacation”, and think about their own lives and how they might like to make them better.  It can spark ideas for improving relationships, or for personal growth.
Why do you think we turn to stories about romance novels/erotica? What do you think we are needing from them? 
I think that as we move through our lives, we become comfortable.  Comfort is great but sometimes shaking the box a little can be good, too!  If a romance novel “shakes your box” and your romantic life with your significant other is positively impacted, how can that be a bad thing? So come on, let’s read!



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