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From the pages of Susanne Leist

Hello. My name is Susanne Leist. My book, The Dead Game, is a paranormal thriller with vampires, humans, and human vampires. The action takes place in a small town, called Oasis, on the coast of Florida. Linda and her friends are caught in a deadly game with whomever is controlling their town. They are led down dark pathways, where they must save their town from the evil forces at play.


Games begin on April 8th! I will be giving out 5 Kindle copies of The Dead Game and one signed paperback. I will announce winners on April 11th.
Good luck everyone!

Let the games begin!


End House stands alone at the edge of the forest, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It has a long and dark history. The residents of Oasis are invited to a party at this deserted house. They are hesitant to go. But they do. Their lives are changed forever. If you received such an invitation, would you go? What would you expect to find?
Be creative. Win a kindle copy of The Dead Game.





CHARLES WOLF is the villain of the book. The strongest of his kind in the world. A leader with one weakness–his love for Linda. He’s arrogant, vicious, and focused. What do you think Wolf looks like? Is he human or not?
Win a kindle copy if you dare to take on Wolf and live to tell us how.

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Linda is torn between two men–vampire vs. human vampire.

One hot. One cold.

Linda finds Todd Morrison enticing but also mysterious and a little suspicious. She doesn’t know if he is involved in the deaths and disappearances in town. He’s too friendly with the strange residents living in the woods behind town. They appear only a night. They hold secret parties at their lavish homes. He’s much too aloof for her taste. But he is gorgeous with those dark, brooding eyes…

Charles Wolf is dangerous and too arrogant for her liking. But he’s drawn to her and she to him.

Which man will Linda choose? And why?

Best answer wins a Kindle copy of my book.



My passions run deep.
My hatred grows strong.
My revenge lasts forever.
Don’t cross me.
Don’t anger me.
And don’t ever taunt me.
I am Wolf.

My cold fingers will run down her hot body.
She will wake to the sight of my glowing eyes.
She will experience passion not human.
And she will yearn for much more.
The dark prince will take her in his arms
And place her on his black steed.
They will ride off into the sunset,
Leaving memories of her old life far behind.
I am Wolf.

What does the poem say about Wolf? Is he to be trusted?
Will this turn into a love story or a horror story for Linda? I want to hear your predictions and win a Kindle copy of The Dead Game.

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I am presently writing book 2 of The Dead Game series. The Dead return to Oasis with a vengeance. They bring horror to a new level. Where do they meet? Are they growing in power abroad? These and many other questions will be answered.

But I need a title for the second book. I would like to use “The Dead” in the name. Whoever gives the best answer will win a signed paperback copy of The Dead Game. I might even use it as the title of my book.

Thinking caps on everyone!

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Three doors are waiting to be opened in the basement of End House. After trudging through a pool of water with descending circular saws and falling cages, Linda and her friends must find a way out of the evil house. One of the doors leads to the outside. The other two don’t. What would you expect to find behind these two doors? You are only limited by your imagination.
Again the best answer wins a kindle copy of The Dead Game.

Good luck!


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