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Well hello everyone. Welcome to my booth. I’m your host, Karina Kantas.

I’m an author of eight titles, around thirty publications as well as a VA, narrator and trailer & promotional designer. I’m from the UK but I have lived in Greece most of my life.

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So I am the author of STONE COLD a YA supernatural thriller.





Billy has been a target of bullying through her years of schooling. Exams are over but stress leads her to thoughts of suicide. It’s her counselor that suggests she volunteers to assist in an archaeological dig in Scotland.

A secluded hostel. The residents start dropping like flies.
Billy knows who the murderer is.
Shane knows he’s next to die.




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Here is the trailer to this biographical story


This is a tale that touches on many aspects of a teenager’s life from depression, suicide, bullying metal and physical. This is taken from my own experiences. but please know I’m NO psychotic murderer lol


Take a look at the book’s reviews while I prepare an excerpt for you.


Karina does a wonderful job of creating a suspenseful story while bringing attention to the very real problem and consequences of bullying. Billy, who had been bullied all through school, gets a chance to start over where no one knows her. However, the story takes a turn for the worse when she goes to volunteer at an archaeological dig site. That is all I’m going to say on the plot, as I don’t like to give spoilers. The story was very interesting and is a great short read. I look forward to reading more from this author.


Interesting storyline, well crafted. The author has the ability of gaining the readers attention and never letting go. Not my usual reading genre but was recommended by a very good friend – I’m glad she did!!





Billy was in the kitchen, getting the breakfast things out when Shane entered.

“What ya doing up so early?” He asked, while yawning and ruffling his hair.

“I couldn’t sleep. I thought I’d make a start on breakfast.”

“Want a hand?” he offered.

“Nah, I’m fine. Go get dressed; I don’t think I can stand looking at you in that horrid dressing gown.”

Shane looked down at his apparel.

“What’s wrong with it?” He asked, and then smiled embarrassed. “It’s my dad’s, I borrowed it. I’ll come to breakfast in my undies next time, shall I?”

Billy didn’t answer, instead blushing a soft pink as she pictured what he’d look like in just his briefs.

Shane left to dress but when he returned, Billy was still standing by the sink where he left her. Not a slice of bread had been toasted and the kettle was still cold.

Tony and Ben walked in and sat down at the table, ready to tuck into breakfast.

“Hey, it’s getting late. Where’s the breakfast?” Tony called.

“Billy,” Shane called. “What’s going on? What have you been doing?”

She didn’t answer, so Shane prodded her with his finger.

“What!” She snapped.

“I thought breakfast would be ready by now,” Shane said.

“We gonna eat today or not?” Ben added.

Slamming down the knife she was holding, and with tears in her eyes, she shouted, “I’m going as fast as I can. If you want, you can make the bloody breakfast yourself.”

Susan and Sara entered with another two students. Everyone was staring. Billy ran from the kitchen, rudely pushing past students as they were entering.

“Well, excuse me!” One called out sarcastically.

Back in the dormitory, she threw herself on her bed.

“What’s wrong with me?” she asked.
No answer was given.


Then, the voices called. Nothing made sense, just words strung together, and yet they were encouraging. Billy couldn’t make out whether the voice was old or young, but it was definitely female.

Neither instructions, nor advice, were ever given. Nevertheless, she felt alert and unusually happy after each occurrence.

I’m going mad, she told herself. But the voice is real. I’m not just hearing it; I’m feeling her as well, whoever she is.

Billy stroked the stone absentmindedly.


Here’s a small reading from Stone Cold




Stone Cold can be found on Amazon for the digital and Lulu for the paperback.

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