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Hello welcome to my author take over. My name is Claire Plaisted. I am an Indie Author and also run Plaisted Publishing House for Inide Authors. I am the author of an up-coming Children’s Book Series.

Girlie and the war of the Wasps is the first book in my Childrens Charity book series. The idea is to give 40% of the proceeds to a charity. This book will give money to ‘Chasing a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes.’ More on that later.

Girlie and the War of the Wasps 1


Girlie is a little Blue Ladybug who goes on Adventures of different kinds. In book one, Girlie sees and hears her best friend being kidnapped. Following the mean wasps she find much more than she bargined for. Buy your copy of this book at the below link and see how Girlie sorts things out and helps the Queen wasp become a good mother.



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Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Purchased recently, this brightly colored cover smiled at me from my kindle, so my late night reading began. I could picture the story as Girlie tries to rescue her best friend, Grassi, kidnapped by the wasps. Girlie and a centipede named Pedi form an alliance, and together, they discover the wasps have kidnapped other insects to do their work for them. The wasps have grown lazy and mean, and after speaking with the understanding Queen wasp, Girlie and her centipede friend embark on a journey to another hive to discuss the problem and find a solution so Grassi and the other captives can be freed.

I loved this book. There are lessons to be learned–stand up for yourself, accept people as they are, and admit your mistakes. The visual of a centipede having to put shoes on his one hundred feet each day brought laughter.

Behind the scenes in the book you will find the issues of healthy eating and maybe a bit about bullying. This is why I chose ‘Chasing a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes,’ as my Charity for this book. They are looking at starting trials which will benefit Type 1 Diabetics around the world.
You can find out more about this charity here. Chasing a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes
Remember when you buy a copy 40% of the sale will go to this charity!
Michael J Elliott is the Illustrator for the images inside this book. He is a wonderful artist and has become a good friend. Below you will find the most adorable image of Pedi and his many shoes.
coloured PeddiFINAL
The image of tying his shoe laces every morning is one of the fun parts in the book. He is such a gorgeous centipede.
Review from Amazon

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I loved this children’s book. The adventure keeps you interested and the sketches are adorable. I really enjoyed how there were several lessons interwoven into this story without it seeming like it were “teaching” moments. There is no doubt that children of all ages will enjoy this book! Highly Recommended
A teaser from the book.

Settling down on the ground in the centre of the orphanage garden, she looked around. She could hear someone weeping. Walking towards the noise, it got louder until she nearly stumbled over a leaf covering Glow the yellow ladybug.

“Hello Glow, what’s the matter with you?”

“O-oh Girlie, nobody likes me or wants to play with me anymore,” she sobbed out.

“Surely not, you’re a lovely ladybug, Glow,” she replied.

“I’m a horrible ladybug, I’m the wrong colour,” she cried out.

“What do you mean you’re the wrong colour, you’re a most beautiful colour! You’re like the yellow ball in the sky which gives heat and joy to us all.”

“They still don’t like me,” she hiccupped.

“You were all playing together when I last passed through here,” she said. “Come along, let’s sort this out. It’s time to get all of you happy and playing.”

“I-I’m scared Girlie.”

“Hush now, all will be well,” she smiled.

They wandered over to the ladybug house where they found Matron washing the floors.

“Girlie, you’re back so soon, the ladybug orphans will be so pleased to see you.”

“Matron, I hate to say, but you have a small problem on your hands with Glow and the others.”

“Oh, not again, you children are terrible sometimes,” she said looking at Glow.

“I-I didn’t do anything,” she sobbed out.

“Glow, sweetheart I didn’t mean you, I meant you children, in general. ‘Tis part of growing up.”

“Well, if we don’t sort this out Matron, it could get serious and ugly,” stated Girlie.

“What’s happened this time?”

“They won’t play with me because I’m the wrong colour.”

“There’s nothing wrong with being yellow,” said Matron rather startled.

“You’d better call the others in. we’ll soon sort this out,” Girlie sighed.

“Yes, I think you’re right Girlie.”

The matron called all the ladybug orphans into the house, they all sat quietly, one or two glared at Glow who was partly hiding behind Girlie’s blue wings.

“Right my little ladybug orphans, please stand up if you are red and go to the far right corner.”

A murmur went through them, looking at each other the red ladybugs slowly did as they were told.

“Now the pink ladybugs in the far left corner please.” They rushed to do her bidding.

“Next we will have blue in the bottom right corner and the orange in the bottom left corner. The rest are to stay in the middle.” They scampered to their corners, smiles on their faces at being the chosen ones. They stuck their tongues out at those left in the middle, including a rare metallic blue ladybug.

“Now Glow, I want you to sit in the middle with the ladybugs left over.”

With her head down in shame, she walked slowly to the centre, wondering what Matron was going to do with them.

“Right,” she said, loudly clapping her hands. “Today you are going to play with ladybugs the same colour as you and nobody else. Those special ladybugs in the centre can play with any colour they want and if you lot in the different corners don’t play nicely then, there will be punishment.”

The ladybugs in the corners gasped in shock. They glared at the odd assortment of colours in the centre of the room.

“You seem to have forgotten one important thing,” said Girlie. “Mandi, Candi along with the rest of you were playing nicely the last time I passed.”

“What’s the important thing then?” called out Mandi angrily.

“You are first and foremost all Ladybugs. It doesn’t matter what colour you are, what size, or shape, or breed you are. YOU ARE LADYBUGS!!”

“You grow to help the garden to stay beautiful, you help keep the garden and each other happy, your colours are entirely irrelevant in this world,” said Matron.

“B-but,” stammered out Candi.

“There is no but about it Candi,” she said. “We are all one. We live, work, and play nicely. If you have a problem, you come and see me. Now off you go and play until dinner.”



More about the Charity of Choice
Chasing a cure for Type 1 Diabetes was founded by Noela Vallis as part of her Charity ‘Spina lCord Society New Zealand,’ which came about due to her husband been in an accident and left in a wheelchair. Today, Noela is raising funds for a Diabetes Cure using Stem Cells.
At present I have two more books in the series in stages. Book Two is ‘The Quest to find Pedi’s Family.’
Book Two is the story of finding Pedi’s parents. In this book you will meet several new characters including Batty Bat and Ella Mouse. In the background of the story you will see instances of biting and kicking, with this said the charity of choice will be some kind of Dental care based in Australia – the choice will belongs to Mike Elliott, my Illustrator. This book is due out within the next month.

Flick and Klick

Flick and Klick, the Stick Insects, mistaking Girlie as their Football

‘The Circus Adventure.’
Book Three is an adventure to the Circus in the Insect world of course. I can’t tell you much more or it will ruin the surprise. However, the story will be part of an anthology due out at Christmas to raise funds to save the Black Rhino. I chose this charity to help children understand that the creatures of our world are important too.

pip and pop

The image shows Pip and Pop the Spide Clowns.

Michael J Elliott is my Illustrator for these books, he has captured the very essence of the characters with his brilliant imaginations. Parents and children alike say the drawings are cute.


Welcome to my takeover. I do hope you enjoy the posts. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and I will answer those I can.

My name is Claire Plaisted, I am an author and Indie Publisher. You can find out more about me at:

Beth Bayley – Pen Name


Are you looking for somethign new to read, then you can find my business newsletter here Indie Publishing News This newsletter gives free marketing when an Indie Author or Indie Business signs up to recieve a newsletter. You can find details here. Indie Publishing News Group This newsletter is also available for Screen Readers for those with partial sight or who are blind.


Are you looking for somethign new to read, then you can find my business newsletter here Indie Publishing News This newsletter gives free marketing when an Indie Author or Indie Business signs up to recieve a newsletter. You can find details here. Indie Publishing News Group This newsletter is also available for Screen Readers for those with partial sight or who are blind.

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Book 1“They know who you are Ana, you were bloody lucky to escape without a bloody scratch.”

“You know my talent Mal, you know I can do this. They won’t recognise me at all next time. I promise, no mistakes this time.”


Character Interview with Malachy Garrett



Garrett Investigation Bureau, The Series, was born half way through the writing of Book One. I only had first names for characters, the main ones are Malachy and Anastasia (named after my daughter). The book starts with an arguement with a bit of romance thrown in, soon exploding in to a fast paced drama and mystery.

The muse decided she/he didn’t want to stop there. Today there are six books, each one about a different Agent or Security Personel working for GIB. Those six are due to turn into nine books over the next two years, with the stories of two secutiry guards and on agent. You will also see a bit more of the world. Two of the stories go global.


Book 2Secrets Past is about a former FBI Agent who is a computer expert. Rosie is sent to a small mountain town to investigate an Art Theft Ring and finds her past catching up with her, along with a couple of stangers. Will she survive her past and who is the strange man who doesn’t seem to exist?


Character Interview with Rosie Cuthbert


Unusual though it sounds, this is where the Prequel landed. It is best read after the first two books. The Prequel is about Malachy Garretts father and tells the story of how GIB came into existance. Hidden Agenda is about sex, drugs and genetic manipulation, it is listed as Erotic. An evil scientist who plays with genetics to make his own special children. Will he get away with it? Or will he be found out and taken down?


Joseph Garrett and his two Harvard colleagues enter into a business in 1977. Joseph and Kevin are Genetic Researchers while Henry is Lawyer.

Kevin Truit seems to think the world owes him and he starts to play god trying to create a human with advanced genetic. Joseph Garrett notices something is going on and investigates find a world of prostitutes, women sold at auction, experimental drugs Kevin’s genetic experiments. Right in the middle of this is the woman Joseph loves. Will she survive? Will Kevin succeed? Will Joseph be reunited with the woman he loves? Read more to find out.



Hidden Slaves (Book three)finishes the circle of the first three books. Ryan is an FBI Agent who is called in to assist GIB with a possible prostituion ring which dates back thirty years. Ryan is a wonderful man who cares about people, especially family. There are many funny moments and some rather nasty.

This book is dedicated to Ryan McNee who lost his life a few years back in a car accident. The character of Ryan is based on a few of his habits – eating junk food and fun to be around – with the blessing of his sister who owns an original copy (Ryan’s Madam)


Sylvia is frustrated with how things are going, Eric is having nightmares and wants the assignment over and done with when Agent Thomas Ryan walks in.

Meanwhile Blaze Carrington once again escapes his judgement day, the trial scrapped he goes into hiding to plan his next big adventure after taking over his grandfathers enterprise. Unknowingly walking into something he may not escape alive.

Working with Agent Ryan, the gentle giant of the FBI, and the GIB Agents find more than they bargained for, with many twists and turns, laughter, romance things finally blow and the climax has at least one head rolling.


Secret Assassin is the story of Hilton Mascosta and Agent and a loner. He really doesn’t like people, though he always helps a woman in distress. Major problem and GIB are on the case while terror reigns down on New York. Who is behind it? Why are they doing it? Another mad scientist on the lose or people who like to kill?

Hilton Mascosta is a hard man. He doesn’t like women, then again he doesn’t like people much either; a loner most of the time, he looks out for himself. Protective by instinct, he gets involved in something which escalates out of control.

Violence erupts in New York, one thing after another as Mascosta and the G.I.B Agency race against time to rescue one woman, only to find out there are many more to save.

Steffie doesn’t realise who she really is. She’s like a robot, doing as ordered by her controller. During one assignment as a model, her eyes connect with an unknown mans. With a pounding heart, she falls under his spell.

Has Mascosta found his dream girl, or will he push her away?


Book 5Double Crossed is the return of Double Agent Jones. Six months into his contract with GIB he realises he is finally enjoying life. He has friends, his other boss hasn’t bothered him. He looks out after Maggie Carrington who was injured six months previously. Now is the time he finds out what life and love is all about. Moving into the Paranormal circles, all is not what it seems while others find out the truth about themselves.

Watch out for Jones. He is leathal, though is it for good or bad.


This book is dedicated to Jones and Ellie, two Service dogs who saved their owner from a Diabetes Attack. They were awarded the top award for dogs.


Renaming the Series.

This was done after much discussion. The first names for the first five books were. Malachy’s Unit, Rosetta’s Lot, Joseph’s Story, Ryan’s Madam & Mascosta’s Dreamgirl. It was decided the names didnt’ really fit the type of books, nor did the original covers.

I know they certainy look more like a series now, than when I first started writing. It is surprising what you learn along the way. These books are no longer available.

About the Author: Anna Imagination

Biographical Info... What you seek is my Story. Every Soul is a "Blurb" as one would read on the back of the book. But can people be "unwrapped" so easily? Most importantly, why try? I have long since learned to preserve the Savory that comes with Discovery. Learning of another Soul is a Journey. It is an Exploration. And it does not do the Soul Justice to try and condense a Soul Journey into a Bio.