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In 2016, Ms. Chrysler began offering book readings to help fellow authors promote their books. What she found was an instant passion in herself,  and a vast positive response from the authors. When requests for professional readings began, Ms. Chrysler accepted.


Angela B. Chrysler began her lifetime passion for theater with Shakespeare. With early television fueling her passion, Ms. Chrysler found her performance influenced by some of the greatest performances of theater. From Silent Film to present day film, Ms. Chrysler has adopted styles from Kenneth Branagh, Emma Thompson, Audrey Hepburn, and John Lithgow. An endless passion for linguistics accompanies her trained musical ear, providing Ms. Chrysler with a gift to pronounce the most difficult of foreign words often found in Fantasy.

Her style is sensual, passionate, and emotional with streaks of Classic Broadway and strong traces of Shakespeare suitable for Gothic romances or classic literature. Ms. Chrysler delivers an intense listening experience. Her favorite movies include Ben Hur, Lawrence of Arabia, My Fair Lady, Much Ado About Nothing (1993), First Night or What You Will (1996), M*A*S*H, and Third Rock From The Sun.


No upfront costs. No payment due upon completion. No payment is due unless your audio book sells. Ms. Chrysler receives 50% of all audio book royalties. In addition to her services, Ms. Chrysler promotes your audio book alongside hers at no additional cost to you.

The Process

Before you decide to work with Ms. Chrysler, please review the process:

  1. Ms. Chrysler requires a MOBI copy of your book for review. Ms. Chrysler will read your book prior to making a decision.
  2. Ms. Chrysler is only able to record books that she is passionate about. Passion is absolutely captured in a performance. As is the lack of passion when it is absence.
  3. Ms. Chrysler will work with authors to confirm all pronunciations are correct and up to standards to both the author and Ms. Chrysler prior to beginning.
  4. Ms. Chrysler’s availability is based on her schedule, which may change due to her family, writing schedule, book releases, Brain to Books events, and deadline.
  5. Ms. Chrysler will record and submit the first three chapters of your book for review prior to your decision in signing on Ms. Chrysler.
  6. If Ms. Chrysler agrees to work with you, an electronic contract will be composed and sent to you for eSigning.
  7. All recordings are complete within a six month time frame.
  8. Ms. Chrysler is happy to review all books for recording with the following exceptions: books supporting religious groups and/or terrorism.
  9. BDSM, torture, pedophilia, rape, animal abuse, and/or child abuse are strictly prohibited. These are PTSD triggers for Ms. Chrysler.
  10. All books containing sexual content, erotica, war, violence, gore, and spiritual themes are evaluated based on Ms. Chrysler’s discretion.
  11. Upon completion, Ms. Chrysler will email your audio book to you in a format that enables you to upload the recording to Ms. Chrysler is not affiliated with
  12. Ms. Chrysler follows the guidelines of ACX (, which can be read here.



If you are interested in hiring Ms. Chrysler for your book reading and would like to know more, fill out the form below.

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