Along Came A Wolf Book Review

Along Came A Wolf Book Review

COVERMASTER-Book 1-MasterI picked up this book due to its sweet allure. And for a YA it sure delivered, but Dreece composed the story with enough humor, adventure, and unpredictable turns that, as an adult, I found it quite enjoyable. Along Came A Wolf was a refreshing visit to the fairy tales I know and love, only… Dreece was so unique in his telling that I was eager to see which tale would come next and how he would alter the retelling of each old story.

Along Came A Wolf is primarily a spin-off of Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs, but with enough steampunk and alterations that it left the story unpredictable and eager for the next chapter. It’s like Dreece pulled the cousins of the fairy tale characters and spun something completely new. It was a delightful little read that ended on such a dark note, that the adult in me went, “Whoa! This is deeper than I thought.” And that final chapter gets dark! Without that final chapter, I would have put the book down with a content smile on my face, pleased to have revisited the stories we raise our children on. Yet, it still was something new and different enough to keep me as entertained as my children who are now reading it (8 and 13). But that last chapter packs such a punch that I’m now dying to get my hands on book #2!

Dreece’s story was original. His writing skills were professional and properly edited complimenting his wonderful story telling that captured me from the first paragraph. His style and technique were clean and clear yet wonderfully simple and entertaining that it reminded me very much of Roald Dahl and E.B. White.


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