All Over New York

Hot enough for you?

It’s 90+ here in New York and I feel like this is the first day in two weeks I’ve been able to just sit.

I was in New York City last weekend for the ballet. I finally, FINALLY, saw Swan Lake performed by the American Ballet Theater at Lincoln Center. It’s the first time I’ve seen the entire story and was just…so moved by it. We left New York on the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots so Gay Pride was everywhere and the City was anticipating a guest list of 1 million+. We got the hell out of New York at 9 AM before the 1 million could arrive and drove for four to Syracuse for a doctor’s appointment.

In Syracuse, the doctor’s examined me. I have started stage #2 of the IVF Cycle. This is the part where I prep my body to receive the eggs. We have two very good eggs frozen and ready for transfer. With over 12 pills to take a day, all spanned over 4 time slots per day, it’s a lot to take in.

At 7 AM I have
Vitamin D

Then Levothyroxine at 9 AM

All at 3 PM  I take
prenatal Vitamin
Fish Oil
Low Dose Aspirin
Vitamin D

And again at 8 PM
Vitamin D

But wait….there’s more. Last night I started a suppository at bedtime, a Z-Pack that lasts for 5 days, and daily injections of Progesterone start on Sunday alongside an oral treatment of Progesterone.

From Syracuse, we returned to Endicott. The next stop on our list was Ithaca and wine country on a Saturday. We had a showing of Into The Woods to go to, but my husband and I were too “theater-ed out”  to attend, so we sent my sister along with our 11-year-old theater lover instead. My husband I have tickets for the 13th of July and will be attending Into The Woods next weekend.

Meanwhile, my van, my precious “Merry” has died. **Sigh**
My husband managed to hunt down a replacement van that is TARDIS blue. Oh yeah! Tim Bateson knows where I’m going with this!

“Hey! How do you feel about making a trip to Niagara tomorrow?” my husbnad asks.
I stopped. “Niagara Falls?”
“That’s three 1/2 hours…the other way.”

From New York City to Niagara Falls in one weekend with a stop to Syracuse in between? Sure! Why not. *rolls eyes*. When we get home we can head North to the Adirondacks. Maybe the mountains will at least be cold. So we headed to the Western-most nook-and-cranny of New York. *sigh*

We have four people in our household who have never seen the Falls. “Road trip!” We pile the children and my sister into the van and head to Niagara.

We stopped in at the car dealership and test drove the van. I love it. We’re getting her, and yes, it will be called “The TARDIS.” I now have to Doctor Who the Daleks out of my new van! (Yes. I just made a modifier out of “Daleks”)

After the test drive, we headed to the Falls.

I have been to the Falls a lot. My first time was in 1992. I was 12. It was a beautiful little park with a walkway. We strolled into Canada along the Rainbow Bridge. I’ve been back three times since. There were rose gardens at one point. 

Then 9/11 happened. What. The Falls Happened!? A visitor center has been built up all around the entrance. You now pay $30 for parking. We were greeted by a GIANT, six-story, mall-sized gift shop that said “AMERICA” on the side. (Could they BE anymore white trash?) They filtered everyone into a second tourist shopping center where you have to push your way past over priced food courts and souvenirs. When you finally emerge, people are shoving crap into your hands to buy their crap. We emerge from the sweltering pit of tourism junk and finally enter a…park? Well…there were trees and grass.

A quick walk across the grassy nole and there is the Falls…But now you can’t get into Canada so we’re stuck with the only side view of the Falls…which sucks. Thank YOU, Bin Laden!

After all the selling and the merchandising…it really was anti-climatic. I remember seeing the Falls at 12 and being like “WHOA!” There were plaques telling you that 168,000 m3 (six million cubic feet) of water flowed over the Falls per minute. And that every year the Falls cut one foot from the river so the Falls are moving toward Lake Erie. Nope! None of that! The plaques and actual information that made the Falls amazing was all gone. AND NO CELL SIGNAL! I REPEAT! NO CELL SIGNAL! It wasn’t until we were back in the car and driving home that I could read the info on the Falls from Wikipedia. The entire trip was cheapened by tourism! Ruined by corporate America! Seriously, it is no longer worth the trip.

So we drive down to Buffalo and back through West New York toward home. Talk. About. Rural. We apparently sport a vast collection of wind farms in West New York. The most beautiful things to see…so beautiful were those windmills. Honestly, they were more beautiful than the Falls.

We return back to our Central New York and jump into the pool.

And Books!

I worked a full 40 hours of work this week, which meant I read a full 40 hours of books this week and found my new most favorite romance author, Amy Jarecki! Oh my god. I love her! I received many emails from my Newsletter peeps recommending audio books! Thank you for that! My TBR list is now bulging and growing!

The week ended on a second trip to Syracuse where they added the Progesterone injections to my med list. My transfer has been scheduled for Friday 12 July 2019 at which time, two 3-day embryos will be transferred to my body. Tomorrow, I return to Niagara to pick up the TARDIS.

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