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Fantasy “Behind The Scenes” Tour – Stop #7

Why I Love Fantasy” by Toi Thomas

Science fiction is about stretching the limitations of science, logic, and the human condition.

Horror and paranormal are about the varied speculations on the origins of humans and how we’ve come to look, react, and behave as we do.

Fantasy is about shattering the idea that science has limitations. It’s about seeking the origin of life, not differentiating between sentient beings. It’s about finding magic in every speck of existence and reality. Fantasy is about thinking in a way that simply blows your mind.

Where sci-fi is a race against time and horror is a battle for your soul, fantasy is a quest; it’s a journey to bring balance. Plus, fantasy has dragons!

Sourced- Pinterest: Toinette Thomas Dragons board (from golphee.deviantart.stfi.re)

You know what else fantasy has: elves, wizards, trolls, mermaids… I could go on and on.

Another thing that seems to be a reoccurring theme in most fantasies, is a connection to nature. Despite my purple nasal cavity telling me that pollen is bad for me, I love nature, especially gardens.

Sourced- Pinterest: Toinette Thomas Wish it was Eden board (from tinywhitedaisies. tumblr.com)

So, of course, I’m all the time writing about gardens. In fact, my latest, up-and-coming release, is about a magical garden. Check out the trailer for it, right here.

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So, there you have it. I love fantasy because of the magic. I love it because of escapism. I love it because of the creatures. And most of all, I love fantasy because it’s just so much fun. If you love fantasy, be sure to take full advantage of this tour and visit as many stops as possible. Oh, and be sure to check out my new book, We Are Jardin.

May you never run out of pixie dust.

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