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  • Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance/Suspense

    “Elsa saved Stanwell’s life. The relief he sensed was immediate. It was no wonder that when he witnessed his savior for the very first time, he appreciated it solely in transcendent terms; a presence not bound by race, gender, color, or creed. He peered up, curious, grateful. His head bobbed and weaved as his eyes attempted to focus, a task made more difficult by the halo of the midday sun gleaming behind the silhouetted figure. Finally, all came into focus.” — The Zebra Affaire


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The Zebra Affaire by Mark Fine

Elsa and Stanwell dared to fall in love under the heartless grip of the apartheid regime. She’s white and he’s black which made their union illegal in 1976 South Africa. For their elicit passion, they must be punished. Now in the crosshairs of a cold-blooded government enforcer determined to hunt them down, the couple are on the run.

The Zebra Affaire takes the reader on a deadly pursuit from the festering slums of Soweto to Johannesburg’s rich gold mines, and into the wilds of the African bushveld. The tension is palpable in this gripping character-driven love story of the no-no kind as the terrified couple race against time and bigotry. Vividly authentic, and provocative, The Zebra Affaire grips your soul and won’t let go. Never mind zebras, think lions, raw and roar. Order Now

About the Author

Author Mark Fine in his natural habitat

Author Mark Fine in his natural habitat

Originally born in South Africa, Los Angeles is now author Mark Fine’s home.

There with his two sons—and a neighbor’s dog that dropped in from time to time—Mark wrote his historical fiction novel, The Zebra Affaire—the story of a mixed-race race couple and their struggle to survive under the racist regime’s oppressive 1970’s apartheid policies. Mark also takes a broader look at the travails of greater Africa; a topic that concerns him greatly.

A self-confessed, tone-deaf record executive with a distinguished career in the music industry; of special note being his launch of an award-winning record label that united non-profit organizations with world-class musicians—such as Sting, Sheryl Crow, Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams—to produce benefit albums for a variety of causes, from breast cancer research to wildlife conservation.
A charming aspect of Mark’s writing is how he looks to nature—Africa’s animals and wildlife—for inspiration and a solution to human shortcomings. In the process of painting with words his own backyard, a reviewer said, “Mark Fine has been brave like William Faulkner in his journey of truth telling – he has simply done it with a much different kind of Southern accent.” Connect with Mark via Twitter or Facebook.


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