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Brain to Books Presents Adam Dreece

  • Genre: Steampunk, Fantasy, Science Fiction
  • Book Title Series: The Man of Cloud 9 due 30 September 2016

The Man of Cloud 9Niko Rafaelo is a brilliant and driven inventor, determined to flip the late 21st century on its head with a new take on a banned technology, nanobots.

In a world that has been battered and bruised for decades by endless natural disasters, Niko’s ambitions are seen as reckless and wasteful.

Following in the footsteps of his Silicon Valley heroes, Niko’s startup takes the planet by storm. But what happens when the corporate beast and Niko’s conscience conflict? And what is his ultimate goal?

The Man of Cloud 9 is an intimate science fiction tale of high tech and higher stakes. An all new side of the best-selling author, Adam Dreece.

Suggested for ages 14+ (social complexity, adult characters) Learn More

About the Author

Indie author Adam Dreece created the bestselling Steampunk series The Yellow Hoods — which has become a hit with kids from 9-15 as well as with adult readers. After a solid, 20-year career as a software designer and overcoming a serious illness, he started his company – ADZO Publishing – with his wife in 2014. In short order, he released the first two novels in his acclaimed The Yellow Hoods series — Along Came a Wolf and Breadcrumb Trail – within that first year.

Mixing it up with Steampunk, fantasy, fairytales and legends, The Yellow Hoods series follows Tee, Elly, and Richey – three young friends living in a pre-industrial society on the verge of technological revolution. It’s a fun, fast-paced adventure emphasizing teamwork and family connections as well as empowerment and self-esteem — with a strong, vibrant female protagonist taking the lead in the action. Both books were critically acclaimed bestsellers on Amazon and were followed swiftly by the third book, All the Kings Men, and a novelette, Snappy and Dashing. In August 2015, the first two novels were selected as finalists for the Independent Author Network’s Book of the Year award in the Young Adult/Teen and Fantasy categories, respectively.

Adam’s fourth Yellow Hoods novel, Beauties and the Beast, will be released in October 2015. He currently resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with his wife and children. He is an active online mentor at adamdreece.com, and is a busy public speaker, panelist, and author in Canada and the Pacific Northwest. Connect with Adam on Twitter.

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About the Author: Anna Imagination

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