What’s on your mind?

What’s on my mind? What’s on my MIND? Well facebook page manager, I will tell you what’s on my mind. First I finish a book on goodreads and I change my status onky to get messaged on facebook which i decided today to install on my galaxy phone to simplify hings. . Thinkingmy work here was done, i took up the eye of the world, which I have not read before. I made it to page ix when facebook then offered me an app and once more i think it will be easy. Only now i’ve had to stop reading page ix five times to walk your hand through the installation. And what’s worse…this is all on my phone so there are more typos than a third graders research paper on why washibgton crossed the delaware so i have to go back and correct all the typos because i’m a writer and typos are embarrassing and all i really want to do is read robert jordan! That, Facebook, is what’s on my mind!

About the Author: Anna Imagination

Biographical Info... What you seek is my Story. Every Soul is a "Blurb" as one would read on the back of the book. But can people be "unwrapped" so easily? Most importantly, why try? I have long since learned to preserve the Savory that comes with Discovery. Learning of another Soul is a Journey. It is an Exploration. And it does not do the Soul Justice to try and condense a Soul Journey into a Bio.