The Bard’s Oracle

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The chaos begins on 5 October 2023 at 7:00 PM EST


The Bard’s Oracle: The Fae Stones

Things take an unlikely turn at a royal wedding when an Oracle arrives and hi-jacks the guests for her own agenda. The events that follow take the players into the bowels of fantasy role-playing as Anna Imagination leads a pack of characters through chaos-strewn adventures brimming with imagination, debauchery, and mystery as they celebrate their Shadow Self.

Anna Imagination is an Oralstorian, a Philosopher, and a Podcaster with 30 years of Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology. Her mastery is in the Abstract Sciences of Imagination, Story-Telling, Perspective Psychology, and Philosophy. She is an award-nominated author with 20 years in theater, music, and stage, and is the creator of Perspective Psychology and Triadic Healing: The User’s Guide to the Subconscious Mind.

She is the founder of Anna Land, the first Abstract city founded in the Abstract World that exists parallel to our Material World. The door can be found within The Healing Garden.

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The Cast:

Anna Imagination

Emily Lansdowne, Thursday
Jason Ang, Thursday
Jessica Boutin, Thursday
Brandilyn Cox, Thursday
Mary Gartley, Thursday
Carl Rutherford, Thursday
Jennifer Grimes, (Kiki) Absent on Thursday
Kevin Cox, Thursday
Kelly Massey, Thursday
Christopher Dillard, Absent on Thursday
Joey Parker Thursday
Krystaline Thorne Thursday
The Voyeurs

The Players :

Anna Imagination as The Dungeon Master and The Bard’s Oracle, Feanna “Fand”: Seer of Truth and Lies

Joey Parker as the Goliath Barbarian, Barak “Backbreaker” 
Jason Ang as The Changeling Paladin, Fain
Krystaline Thorne as the Tortle Wizard, Khelone (Sha-long)
Jen as the Rock Gnome Artificer, Kiki The Eccentric
Brandi Cox as the Ranger Wood Elf, Valstrianna MoonLily
Kevin Cox as the Dwarven “Wild Magic” Sorcerer, Gregar Mestic
Jessica “Jess” Boutin as the Lightfoot Hafling Druid, Shaelin Brushcloak 
Emily Lansdowne Rogue Half-Elf, Astriel
Mary Gartley as the Cleric of Light, [Something Silly]
Kelly Massey as the Tabaxi Monk, Dharma of the Alpenglow Clan
Carl as the Human Fighter, Morrik Summerfel
The Voyeurs…

The Bard’s Oracle

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The Bard’s Oracle and The Druí Stones LIVE : Episode #1 (5 October 2023)

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