Reader’s Workshop

“Alright! Line up!” Angela shouts over the voices crammed into her head. “Shut up, guys!” The rabble quiets down as Angela catches the mischief in Bergen’s eyes. “Behave, Bergen.”

Today, we have readers to meet, people to love, and polls to take. As I call your name, you’ll say something about yourself and stroll on out to this page. Any questions?”

“Do we get beer?” Bergen asks.

“No,” Angela says. “Besides! You drank all my Guinness. Now! Bergen! You’re the loudest. Let’s start with you.”

“Right! Hello, ladies,” Bergen says flashing you a bright smile.

“There are men out there too, Bergen,” Angela warns.

“Right. Hey.” Bergen nods at the men who are present and turns back to the ladies.

“I am 6’2” with amusement to spare. I am the elfin prince of Gunir and heir to the throne, which I leave to my brother, Rune. I love a good time, drinking mead, sparring, and  love making. On occasion I stop wielding my sword long enough to write a ballad about how truly awesome I am. There are no pictures of me because none do me justice!”

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