Welcome to Anna’s Playground

Anna’s First Rule of Theater… We break the 4th wall long before we break character. – Anna Imagination

Welcome! This! This is where I spend most of my time these days! This is Anna’s Playground and The Devil’s Dungeon!

This! … This is what makes it all worth it!


Welcome to The Abstract! This is but the door. Welcome to UnderEarth.

I need a moment…

Anna pushes her fingers through her hair, which turns her brown hair to long blond strands that fall down her back. She steps barefoot into the Abstract plane as a gown of gossamer falls down her shoulders, and silver wings grow from her back, trailing down to her heels as she steps. 

Welcome, to Anna’s Playground.

Imagination is Magic here and Make-Believed is a healing tool with which to Free the Mind, Heal, and Expand your Imagination out to nurture your wounds.

Here, we take you into the depths of Childhood and restore all that was lost to you.

Adults… Do you remember… did you ever look at Adults as children and wonder why would you ever give up Childhood? Fantasy and Dreams? These are not the “foolish dreams” of Children. These are the Souls of Human Beings. They are required for Soul Nutrition, Growth, and Happiness.

Within Anna’s Playground, we restore these lost treasures unto you.

If Fantasy is not “your thing,” we have a place for Science Fiction, Gaming, Play, BDSM, Ethical Debauchery… This is The Adult Playground where Adults learn how to play again. It can be as PG or as XXX as you desire, and yes, we ensure the Conformists and Non-Conformists both have their own Play Area.

We have a “Neutral Space” where The Curious Conformist can dip their toes into the Shadow Self, gently, and learn more about The Darker Side of the Psyche.

The Abstract is my Realm. And after you see how I do Fantasy and Play… Many people who know me here understand why I am what I am and why I live as I live. If you desire it, we teach you how to embrace this side of you.

For many, once you get a taste of Fantasia and UnderEarth, you will never want to leave. And you don’t have to. Skeptics do not make it here.

The Philosopher’s Club

No University is Complete without an “Exclusive Club.” The Philosopher’s Club is for those who seek Dinner and Discussion in New York City. I love Fine Dining, Food, New York City, and Deep Philosophical Discussion. I do that very thing here in New York City. I then follow up Dinner with retiring to The Lounge where we continue the conversation well into the night in the Lounge over Wine, Weed (in some cases), or Whiskey.

Anna’s Playground

Nerds, Artists, and Adventurers delight over the Playground. From Broadway shows, to Central Park Picnics, Beaches on Long Island, and Lincoln Center, or LARP-ing in Central Park, we do it all. 100% of everything offered is designed to enhance and nurture your Inner Child and reconnect you with Community, Play, and Imagination.

If you wish to view “The Playground Menu,” you may do so here.

Field Trips… For Adults!

The Healing Garden Cruise Ship Line is in the plans. I love my ships. I love boats. Know this about me. A Healing-Play Centered Cruise is my cup of tea. Actually, all of this is! I love my Dreams. I love more to nourish yours.

Carl Jung and The Shadow Self

Step into my world with me and I will show you what I see. Jung was a Philosopher and how he defined the Shadow Self… I have been a BDSM Mistress all of my life. By 15 years old, I was building my first Dungeon. I know things about Power, Control, Authority, and the Shadow Self that no one else can possibly realize.

And I use this knowledge to ease people into the Darkest parts of their Dreams. I gently ease them into the World of Their Shadow Self where we open the door to the Fourth Level of the Subconscious Mind where you will meet the Darkest Part of You.

Do not be afraid. Education and Ethics are close beside you. Trust yourself. When you are ready.

Ethical Debauchery

*Evil Grin* Debauchery is fun… when its Ethical. Nudists? Exhibitionists? Orgies? Swingers? We reserve this gorgeous, dark corner of the Playground for the Non-Conformist who seeks to build a Network with Ethically Minded Non-Conformists. Where Sexuality and Debauchery is concerned, this is where Ethics is most required. I have seen the world where Ethics vanish entirely and I do not ever want to see that part of the world again.

Ethical Debauchery is where we provide training, knowledge, guidance, and education. NO ONE who enters into this space is permitted without first completing our Training. Triadic Healing for Debauchery.

Sex is beautiful. Masturbation is encouraged. Orgies and Polyamory is embraced. And Ethics rule all here. I am a firm believer that the world requires this Example set to alleviate the fear and terror on Sexuality. And this can only be accomplished through Ethical Debauchery.

This puts your Courage on a whole new level. When you are ready. Not a moment sooner.

The Devil’s Dungeon

I am Satan’s Wife. My approach to BDSM is unheard of and unprecedented. I do not allow very many to enter this space and only a select few will be chosen from the Ethical Debauchery. I know my worth. I know my Value. I know yours. I do not dick around lightly with what goes on here. Not handling BDSM with proper Discipline and awareness is fuck dangerous and is how I landed in a prison for 6 months wearing chains while I was tortured as a slave.

No one appreciates the dangers of stupid, dumb, irresponsible and naive BDSM practice more than I.

I host Masterclasses, Training, and Eccentric Healing Sessions within The Devil’s Dungeon. I am Celibate and do not have Sexual Intercourse with anyone aside from my Imp King. No exceptions. In this space, that has to be said.

Not for everyone.

I do offer a PG Space for those who want to safely indulge their Curiosity. Everything within the Dungeon is Tiered to ease new comers safely into the Shadow Self.


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