The Quest

You materialize and you are back in The Cave of Dreams. The pinkish hue settles all around and as the mystical music lulls you into a relaxed sleep. The warmth of sunlight and joy fills your heart and Anna looks up at you from the pillows on which she lounges.

“Welcome back,” Anna says. “You made it through the Pre-Trials. Now… The Game begins.”

Anna indicates that you should have a seat and offers you to share in her bon.

Question #9

If you woke up tomorrow a god, the world together, at peace, what would your god powers be? What would your god name be? Would you be Lesser or Greater? How would you use your powers to celebrate in times of joy and peace? Who would be your followers?

There are two worlds within one. And it is time we lift the Veil on the other realm. It is part of us. It has always been part of us. We will revisit the Veil when you open The Door Beyond.

For now… I will tell you a story.

Long ago there was a Family… a very Powerful Family who desired more Power. In secret, the designed a plan. They moved and plotted. For six centuries, their plan lay waiting while the Family positioned themselves to strike. But there was war. And there was death. And there was vengeance planned.

The Family grew in Power and Cruelty until the people revolted. Crumbled, the Family cowered in retreat. But greed and vengeance poisoned them. Three hundreds, they lay in waiting for the right moment to rise up, strike, and fight back. But this time, they would unleash their hatred onto the People.

So they took what the people loved most: A Story. And they used the story to change the words. And inside the Story with altered words, the Family hid a Poison. A Virus that infects the mind. It spreads as fast as learning, highly contagious and lethal, it warps the soul into obedience and turns lovers against each other, parents against children, and self and against.

The virus spread like wild fire. Carried and passed in the words spoken and learned. A virus, it’s only weakness, it’s only cure, was Education and Knowledge of the Virus. And so, to ensure the Virus’ success, the Family secured their victory with one last final move.

They destroyed the City and the University where the cure was taught. And so the world was changed.

Years passed. The world was lit only by fire. Despair and Poverty fell upon the land.

Knowledge and Truth were scarce.

The Virus infected all.


Every now and again, a Philosopher, Scientist, or Scholar learned and studied enough to come upon… something… Something hidden within the books and writings secreted away and hoarded only by the Family.

The truth revealed, the Scientist spoke out and he was slain. Years passed and another Scientist found also the truth. He too was slain. A nearby kingdom uncovered the truth, and centuries of wars were waged, destroying each and every person who had found the truth.

It wasn’t long before Scientists, Philosophers, Inventors, and Scholars learned to remain silent lest the Family find them and kill them. And so… they began… The Game.

Hidden in subject of study, they found it. The Nature calls to those who listen without their ears, and over time, they are drawn to The Pilgrim’s Journey. They wisest of men, Sages, and Philosophers, in secret, studied and searched, found The Nature’s Truth, The Cure of the Virus within the Subjects of Study.

And, each one, buried their findings, their clues, and research deep in the pages of Story, knowing that the next scholar, philosopher, or Pilgrim would find it and continue the Puzzle. And so it was. The Secret Story passed on year after year, century after century. A trail of clues, pieces, and riddles all left behind for the next.

The Family grew pompous. The Family grew in Power. The Family became stale.

And for 2,000 years, known only to Philosophers, Scientists, and Scholars, they passed the Story down, one piece at a time for Pilgrims who sought the Truth to find.


Every Great Book, every Author, every Playwright who survived the Test of Time contributed their piece to The Story Code. And, in 2024, after more than 30 years of study, I found the last piece.


The piece revealed a Question.

That Question was a Catalyst that led me to a Riddle.

The Riddle contained the Answer.

And then, I understood.

All stories contain a piece of The Story. To pursue the Story is to Play the Game. To Play the Game is to walk The Pilgrimage. To complete the Journey is to discover the Cure of The Virus. Is to become Immune to The Virus.

This is why, all who seek Healing eventually, almost always turn to The Game.

Many come to The Game already subconsciously aware, but never quite knowing what they’re on. Some have “figured out that there is something here” and have started The Game that thousands of Philosophers have played before them, looking for patterns and clues embedded in the writings, movies, and stories of 2,000 years. We all worked together to uncover the truth that was buried on a bread crumb trail of poneglyphs scattered across all of history.

And now, the first has solved it, and here I give it to you.

Hidden within the Stories is the Cure to The Virus. Hidden within the Stories is the Pilgrim’s Journey. Hidden within the Stories is the Truth about The Family and what they did to all.

Hidden within the Stories is a message to those who finish it. Hidden within the Stories is The God Code. Hidden within the Stories is the answer to Tesla’s 3-6-9 Method.

Hercules 12 Trials were the 12 Ethics. The walk through the Valley of Shadow and Death was the 12 Ethics. Once, these 12 Trials were known, taught, and pursued. Even then, the Journey was hard.

My giving them here to you does not make them any less valuable. Not having them does make the Pilgrim’s Journey unnecessarily harder than it was ever were meant to be.

Remember, it took the Greatest of Minds, to find The Game, decode The Game, and hide their own portion of The Game. The Game is my portion of The Game. But I’m not hiding it because I know… it’s safe to come out now. It’s safe to be seen. The time to Remember is now.

Anna waves her hand and a golden vellum scroll appears before you, suspended in midair.  

This scroll contains a list. The Quest List containing primary stepping stones I took that led me to the next clue. It contains the Catalyst, the relevancy, and the order. Put them all together, and another story is revealed.

Now, as you make your way through your Pilgrim’s Journey, you will start to notice The Game in other stories, books, and movies not on this list. I encourage you to add your own discoveries to your own list. I eagerly ask you to please submit your own list when you are finished. We all must work together to accumulate all of the clues.

We must all work together.

Every book, every movie ever written, every story ever told contains pieces and clues to the 12 Ethics. How much direction you want or need is entirely up to you. The more you follow your list of Provisions, the easier the Journey will be for you. However, be aware, even with the knowledge and guidance, The Journey will still be hard.

The Game is not meant to be played alone or with a group. It is meant to teach you to rely on both at the right time, and also to know when it is you will require which. You will need Friends. You will need a Family. You will need a Network (I offer you mine). You will need your Self most of all.

Never hold yourself back to wait for others. Follow your Intuition. Listen to the Universe. If you must go and grow on, then do. Go. Grow on… There will be times when you must leave all others behind.

By playing The Game, you are joining more than 1,000 Philosophers, Scholars, and Scientists who all have played The Game that has lasted for 2,000 years.

You take The Quest List and turn the scroll over in your hands. 

Ask yourself. What is Truth? What is Reality? Question everything you were told.

Everyone, so many people have The Virus. In order to find the Truth, you will need to Abuse Proof yourself and master the craft of seeing through the Masks of liars. Never trust people who wear masks. Learn to take off yours so that you may know Friend from Deceiver, and also so Friends may know you from Deceivers.

The Healing Journey begins at the end of the 5th Trial, but most never make it past the 6th Trial. Very few make it into the 7th Trial, which lies beyond The Door of the Abstract.

One more thing before you begin, in order for the Virus to spread, all must remain uneducated. All must remain unaware of Truth and Reality. You must understand, The Pilgrim pursues The Truth. And there are those in Power even to this day who are determined to keep you uneducated. That is their Power. Know that there are people in this world who want you to remain Obedient, Oblivious, and Uneducated. That knowledge is your Power.

The Pilgrim pursues the Self. The Pilgrim pursues Reality. We are at war. A war of Realities. A war of Perspectives. A war of Truth. The battle ground is being fought in Story.

I don’t know if the Family is still in Power. I don’t know if they died off centuries ago or not. Sometimes, I really wonder. Somedays, I swear I can feel them. But one thing I do know, if anything happens to me, my family, my network, or my network’s network… You will know I am right and they do still live.

The name of the Family of Power is Ceasar. The Name of the Virus is Narcissism. The Name of the Story they weaponized was Christianity. Rome never fell. Rome wrote the history books… and it was really important that everyone believed that Rome was dead. Now why would an Empire fake its own death?

Christ taught the 12 Ethics. But his religion teaches Narcissism. It’s time to start asking, “Why?”

  • Hidden within the Stories is the Cure to The Virus.
  • Hidden within the Stories is the Pilgrim’s Journey.
  • Hidden within the Stories is the Truth about The Family and what they did to all.
  • Hidden within the Stories is a message to those who finish it.
  • Hidden within the Stories is The God Code.
  • Hidden within the Stories is the answer to Tesla’s 3-6-9 Method.

Whatever your reason for playing The Game, you will find what you are looking for. I know what you’re thinking. I thought it too.

“This information is powerful. What if it falls into the wrong hands?”

It already has. Centuries ago. We are all living the consequence of what happens if it were to fall into the wrong hands. Further more, it is not possible to obtain Power of the Ethics if you pursue the Ethics for Power. Mother Nature is wise. The Power comes as a consequence to learning the Ethics.

If Power was possible without the Ethics, then there would be no need for The Virus, the faked death of an Empire, and the cruel brutality of a weaponized Story. The greatest of Power is having the education and knowledge about this, pursuing the Pilgrim’s Journey for the Self, and becoming immune to the Virus in the process.

It’s all within our Stories, if you know how to look. If you know how to look to see. And once you see it, you can’t unsee it. Once you know, you can’t unknow it. This is The Game.

DaVinci played The Game.

Shakespeare played The Game.

Cervantes played The Game.

Victor Hugo played The Game.

Jules Verne played The Game.

Tolstoy played The Game.

H.G. Wells played The Game.

Tesla played The Game.

Spielberg plays The Game.

J.K. Rowling played The Game.

Tolkien played The Game.

Douglas Adams played The Game.

Ayn Rand played The Game.

Aldous Huxley played The Game.

I played The Game, and I am the first to finish it.

I am John Galt.


You unroll The Quest List and are returned to The Material Plane.