The Pilgrim’s Gifts

“Your 12 Ethics are key to your Success. Do not Stray from them. Each Ethic is a Skill that requires practice.”


The 12 Ethics Email Challenge will help you along this journey. Every morning you should receive an email from me highlighting an Ethic (One per week). The Ethics applied to life are the Path, the Challenge, and the Goal. The more you live true to the Ethics, the more Fear and Possession is diminished in your life.


The more you know who you are and you become Defined and Known to you.


Here is some material to get you started in the Ethics.
You can review the 12 Ethics Email Challenge here in our Archives.


“Your Mindset will be fortified by the 12 Ethics, and will get you through the darkest of days.”


Your Mindset… Many people have their own Mindset, the Mindset our Assembly Line life groomed into them, and their Trauma Mindset. Most people have two to three Mindsets all crammed inside of their mind. Our agenda is to help you find your own Mindset under all the noise and bring it forth from you.


Some people are Solid in knowing who they are. Others feel frail and shaky and uncertain. Others have lost themselves entirely. As we go through this Journey, we treat you as if you are whole and solid to nurture and cultivate the whole and solid self. Self-Doubt is a lack of Autonomy. Choice and Determination, Fortitude and Commitment is the core of Self-Confidence. When we make “shaky” decisions, we question the Self, and we lose ourselves.


It is better to Choose Boldly, Bluntly, Firmly, and Wrong that to choose weakly, quietly, uncertainly, and right. The Mindset is the Decision and Determination to do, become, be, and to trust your Self NO MATTER WHAT. As you practice the Ethics, this will grow stronger and stronger within you.


This is a Skill that requires practice. The Mindset you seek to get through this is The Warrior and Pilgrim. It is the Decision to be Determined to stand again, Endure and Persevere, and to keep going, no matter what. The Sage’s Resources are available for you to use as you need. As always, you may drink from The Ladle of Water of Mimir’s Well.


“Your “Truth” is the last thing, I gift unto you.”


You chose this. That is your Truth. You want. You Desire. You Dream. Therefore you are. That is your Truth. Something inside of you chose this. That is who you are. When we want, dream, love, desire, we are.


Many people think, “If I love and desire and dream, then I will be tempted with being Unethical” so we cast away what we love, thinking that “Love” and “Desire” and “Dreams” leads to an Unethical Life.


The 12 Ethics are the Ingredients for Love. Self-Love. And, when they are integrated, you come to learn through the 12 Ethics that we all are Connected, and that when we love the Self, we love Others, and so we Include others in our own Self-Preservation. To Value, Serve, and Protect others is to Self-preserve, which is only understand through Self-Love, Desire, and Want.


An Unethical Life is Fear. Fear is a life without the Ethics and without Love. To cast way Self-Love, Dreams, and Desire, to help others is to embrace Fear and to fall into a life of Unethical Choices.


You love. You Want. You Desire. You Dream. That is who you are. Embrace what you love, want, desire, and dream and rest easy knowing that his will lead you deeper into love away from Fear.



“Love Conquers all. Let us too surrender to love.” – Virgil