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The Roadmap to The Subconscious Mind: Operation Imagination

Our subconscious runs the show. It determines our dreams, our directions, our actions, our lives, our choices. It decides everything for us. Your subconscious decides everything for you.

But there is a problem. Our subconscious does not speak with words. It speaks with memory and emotions as a language and a system that most of us are not educated in or understand.

For most of us, our subconscious is a shadow or a void that we know little about despite its significant importance in our actions and our lives. And most of us don’t even know how to talk to it. How to listen to it. Let alone how to use it.

In fact, most of us, at a very young age, were condition by our parents to reject and suppress our subconscious and emotions in exchange for parental love and approval.

Most of us had parents, religions, a cultural, and society that conditioned us to choose between our emotions and being loved and accepted by our parents. So to accept our emotions, is to consciously choose to be rejected by our parents.

Think about a child’s tantrum. A tantrum is our subconsciousness’ most desperate attempt to be seen, validated, and heard. It is a person thinking that no one hears them. No one is listening. No one understands them.

This parental and societal conditioning is a suppression of our identities and parts of our subconscious.

When puberty hits, our subconscious makes one final prolonged plea to be seen and heard. It does this by “acting out,” in fits of protests, much like a tantrum. Most teens have one final long, drawn-out “tantrum” that can last for years, before their subconscious is fully suppressed in their early twenties, and the individual finally conforms to the conditioning. The tantrum or “acting out” is directly proportionate to the amount of suppression the individual suffered and endured.

Our society dismisses these desperate attempts from our subconscious in our teen years as “Moody teenagers.” I call that gaslighting.

This conditioned conformity can last for about 1 to 2 decades before the suppressed subconscious re-emerges as if to say, “I can’t take it anymore!” And the suppressed subconscious breaks free with pieces of the estranged identity. In some cases, the individual succeeds at re-suppressing the identity and subconscious. Other times, the individual says, “Fuck it!” and embraces and accepts the estranged identity adopting it as their “new” identity.

This happens around 35 – 45 years old. And is often mis-labelled as “The Mid-Life Crisis.” I call that gaslighting.

We have a serious epidemic in our society today where conformists continue to suppress the subconsciousness and identities of others. We raise our children to fear emotions. We raise our children and teenagers to silently obey and suppress their individuality all in hopes that they will “conform” to reduce bullying so they will “get a job” and raise children who will also “conform.” We have a serious societal obsession and addiction to conformity, and it requires the rejection of our self-love in order to keep the system going.

In fact, we are teaching children to choose between parental love and self love.

I’m going to say that again, because that is the core of my program and the problem with the world today. We teach children, we have been taught as children, to choose between parental love and self love.

We feel rejected, because we reject ourselves. We feel lost and lonely, because we pine for the parts of ourselves that we have thrown away all to gain mummy and daddy’s love and acceptance. We feel abandoned because we have abandoned ourselves. We feel unloved, because the estranged parts of us are not loved by ourselves.

Hi. I am Anna.

This conditioning was done so effectively on me by a Narcisstic mother, that I developed PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, Multiple Personality Disorder (DID), and lived as a Shut-In for more than 20 years.

Using my Roadmap to The Subconscious Mind, (AKA Operation Imagination), in just 7 years, I cured, recovered, and healed from all of it. In 2015, my Borderline Personality Disorder was 8 of the 9 symptoms. As of 2022, I have 2. My PTSD had 44 triggers. Today, I have 8. My Multiple Personality Disorder of 6 alters and 1 core, is now integrated. I am a social butterfly who has recovered from arachnophobia, claustrophobia, and xenophobia.

The people who went through what I survived, commit suicide, self-harm, become comatose, become drug addicts. They DON’T… They RARELY make it out alive.

While therapists were in a class room reading psyche books, I was locked in a bedroom, pouring over Freud and Jung desperate to find the way out of my own mind and the toxic environment with which I was trapped.

By applying the psychology that I learned to my own life, and for survival purposes, I mastered psychology and philosophy, and the ways of the subconscious mind so that I could get OUT and be free and whole.

My traumas and living with Multiple Personality Disorder for 32 years, has allowed me to experience a perspective of the subconscious mind not taught by professionals. I understand the subconscious mind on an entirely different level because the subconscious was my home for 32 years.

The books don’t exist yet to teach what I have learned.

By using the Roadmap to the Subconscious Mind, I can teach you how to communicate with your subconsciousness. How to manage your Id and other parts of your subconscious mind so that you, all of You, start, working together as a unit, instead of against yourselves.

Our subconscious minds run the show. You can choose to be run and operated by the estranged parts of you in the back of your mind that you won’t even acknowledge…


You can choose to become aware and educated. You can choose to hire me to teach you the tools you need so that YOU run the show instead of being puppetted by the players of your subconscious.

You can choose to become aware and educated. You can choose to hire me to teach you the tools you need so that YOU run the show instead of being puppetted by the players of your subconscious.

Let’s get started!