The Cave of Dreams

The cave is long and dark.

You move your torch from side to side, looking for any sign of life. All of life seems to be vacant for centuries and you swear, you can feel how old the earth is where you walk… As if no man has walked this earth ever.

Ancient Energy swirls around your feet. Mist rolls and collects likes threads of silk, first in strips and then, en masse. It billows and grows. A light appears in the distance and, you swear, you hear music. An ancient song without word or name.

Warmth envelopes you as if something has slipped inside of your chest, found your deepest hurt, and will all the love in all the world, the warmth looks upon your Truth. Is it sentient? You swear this warmth is alive.

You feel it move inside of you, wrapping its petite, ethereal body around you as if in a hug, and it breathes. “You are safe,” it breathes to you, speaking only in Energy. “You are free. You have strength. You have courage.” You feel lighter. You feel stronger. You keep walking on through the mist, which now turns pinkish in hue, and the light grows, the song is subtle and inviting and the subtle smell of a rain and earth encompasses you.

The light is near now and you know, in just a few more steps, you will break the barrier between Darkness and Dreams. You step, and all the world changes. The Veil encompasses you and you stand within a cozy room draped in gossamer and silks. Anna sits, a crown on her head, a giant, 3 foot weed bon on the floor.

She looks up at you and smiles.

“Hello,” Anna says. “Welcome to my Cave of Dreams. Welcome to The Game.”

Others games you have played are safe. This game is special. This game is not at all like anything you have ever played. Tell me, when you’ve played games in the past, Do you play them in the Material Plane or in the Abstract Plane?

This game is played in both at the same time. Once begun, you never leave. Once you see, you can’t unsee. Once you know, you can’t unknow.

You are starting a Journey of 12 Trials. These trials are challenging. They are meant to test you, push you, break you. Many try. Most fail. Too many begin the journey, unaware of what they seek. The lack of direction, understanding, and knowing makes the journey all that harder… In fact, it has made the journey so hard, that most have given up.

The Journey was never meant to be this hard. In fact, once upon a time, it wasn’t. The information I am about to give to you, we all had once. Long ago. With this information, the Journey was still difficult. Challenging. And severely painful on purpose.

But I have watched the world. And I have seen the suffering. I have taken the pain of others and have suffered for their suffering. For 40 years, I have suffered. And in that suffering, I learned something. All have suffered. All are punished. All have done their best.

And then, in the Material Plane, we have endured 1980’s “Parenting,” COVID, 9/11, World War II… All have suffered.

You have two choices:

You can play The Game in Material Plane, which… we are all born into, or you can play The Game in the Abstract Plane. Which I did.

But The Game actually must be played in both. Those who choose to play The Game, are the ones who have suffered so much in the Material Plane, that they have learned the Value of Play.

Only those who have suffered that much have learned that lesson. And that is why you are here. Because you have suffered enough.

So I am giving the information to you that we once had. The Pilgrim’s Journey is already hard. But it need not be any harder than it already is. The 3rd Trial is “Endurance and Perseverance.”

The 3rd Trial requires Self-Regulation. Without Self-Regulation, you will not make it. The Pilgrim’s Journey is long on purpose. It’s length was intended to teach you Self-Regulation.

Without Self-Regulation… the consequences are severe. And suffering is substantial… which is why so many of us suffer.

I have accumulated all the Tools, the Skills, the Walkthrough, the Guide, and the Path for you. This is information that once was abundant to all. I am here, restoring it to you.

You will receive all of this in The Forum and Market. Imagine that you are at the foot of Mount Everest. And you have decided to climb the Mountain.

Would you dare make the Ascent without a map? Food? A plan? A route? A compass? Supplies? Companions? A Guide who has been?

The Pilgrim’s Journey is harder than climbing Mount Everest, and so many people start this Journey with no supplies, knowledge, or provisions.

Here, I give you all you need to succeed at this Journey. You can use as little or as much as you wish. The Choice is yours… and that is the 1st Trial.

Courage to Choose.

Collect the tools, provisions, and supplies you need.

I recommend forming a Guild. I recommend a notebook and a pen. (In 2024/2025, Pilgrims will have the option to purchase “The Pilgrim’s Game Journal” on Amazon).

Once you feel you are ready, once you feel you have made all of your preparations, come back to my Cave of Dreams to answer and/or submit your Checkpoint.

The riddles and questions asked, are not to be answered right away. Nor do you require the answers to proceed along your Journey. Some questions can be answered right away.

Some questions cannot be answered until The Game’s End. Some answers will change throughout the Journey. The challenge figuring out which questions get answered in which order.

If you doubt, then you’re wrong. Illogic is your Clue. That is your first Free Clue. The purpose of the Questions and Riddles is to guide you through the Journey.

As you walk the Journey, and the path enfolds before you, these questions will help you choose. Here are the questions:

Question #3

What side of the Mirror are you on?

Question #4

Are you The Mirror or The Tree?

Question #5

Who are you?

Question #6

Who am I?

You may change your answers as many times as you wish and/or need. You may submit your answers as many times as you wish and/or need. You decide.

If you wish to submit your answers for Questions #3, #4, #5, and #6 now, you may do so here (You can resubmit new answers as many times as you wish).


The Game Rules are always available for you to review and is filled with clues to help you along the path.


One more thing before I send you to Forum and Market to get you your provisions, a word of warning: Courage and Choice is a Trial that is only learned and Mastered when you use it.

“Use it. Or Lose it.”

For this reason, you will need to Choose and practice Courage over and over and over… Be aware of this. Be vigilant. Just because you have mastered Courage once, does not mean you can “slack off” and assume Courage will stay.

Stagnant Courage and Lack of Choice nurtures Fear and Cowardice. Courage must be re-learned and re-mastered over and over and always.


While you collect your provisions and you prepare for your Journey, contemplate these questions:

Question #7

Are you The Ant… or The Grasshopper?

Question #8

Forwards or Backwards?

The Questions are designed to challenge you and can be used to guide you.   Not all Questions are given. Not all Answers are known. Some Questions asked are not what they seem. Some Answers found are not always solutions.  

Anna snaps her fingers and a golden list appears in the pink mist between you and Anna as she lights her hookah and takes a draw from the catheter. The list bobs midair awaiting your choice to take it.

Accept your Provisions List and Proceed to the Forum and Market.