The Healing Garden

“Helping you manage your Wellness Journey: Self-Care. Awareness. Mindfulness. Compassion.”


“Psychological safety lies within these walls…”

Welcome to The Healing Garden: Where Lady Anna works with you to custom tailor your Wellness Journey.

Lady Anna, Wellness Coach and Healer, provides coaching and a sensual respite to couples, men, and women who seek to begin or continue their wellness journey and achieve their own style of authentic living. Lady Anna teaches you how to slow down, prioritize self-care, and guides you through your Shadow Work.

At the Healing Garden, Anna combines self-care with therapy-inspired coaching using her four-healing pillar program: Emotional Management, Self-Care Regimen, Exploratory Dialogues, and Identity Recovery. Her goal is not only to unite you with your Authentic Self, but to provide with you a safe haven and respite partnered with Massage Therapy and Spa-like treatments, while you begin your Shadow Work with Anna.

How It Works 

“100% of my clients tell me during consultation that they don’t know who they are. It’s time to remember who you are and unite you with your inner self again.” – Lady Anna 

The Healing Garden is designed to recover your Identity and revive your Authentic Self all while Lady Anna leads you into your personal Self-Care Regimen. There, in her Healing Garden, you will find respite while she works with you to improve your Emotional Health. 

Traditional therapy only focuses on guided discussions to help clients validate and address their traumas, which is important. But, in most cases, this is not enough. The Healing Garden introduces three additional parts that Anna calls “Pillars” to round out the full recovery process, expediting your healing and recovery, and ensuring that the changes you make stick. 

  • Pillar #1 – Identity Recovery – Lady Anna works with you on identifying and reviving your authentic identity suppressed through child-hood conditioning.   
  • Pillar #2 – Self-Care Regimen – Lady Anna works with you to custom-tailor a Self-Care Regimen to prevent Burn-Out and reduce regression during your recovery. 
  • Pillar #3 – Emotional Management – Lady Anna works with you to increase your awareness and understanding of how to interpret and use your emotions so that you can make your emotions work for you rather than against you.
  • Pillar #4 – Exploratory Dialogues and Shadow Work – In the likeness of Talk Therapy, Lady Anna engages with you on your past traumas and life to guide you through the perception shifts and epiphanies you need to initiate the “Stages of Acceptance” so that you can move to the next stage of recovery.   

Get Started

Contact Lady Anna for a free 30-minute consultation via phone call or webcam.

Lady Anna will assess your needs and provide you with the brochure so you can see an overview of everything she offers. She will ask for your goals and then, together, she will work with you to custom design your own wellness journey.

Once a custom program is created, we schedule each session for the duration of the program. Payment is due in full and up front to lock in scheduling and guaranteeing space in Lady Anna’s schedule.

Each service listed below can be mixed and matched to meet your unique needs and desires. Browse the menu and create your perfect cocktail of recovery, relaxation, and/or self-care. 

The Menu

  1. Guided Meditation
  2. Classic Massage
  3. Goddess Training
  4. Energy Therapy with Meditation
  5. Exploratory Dialogues
  6. Emotional Wellness Coaching
  7. Millionaire Mind

1. Guided Meditation


Our goal is to condition clients to associate stress and stressful stimuli with pausing mid-stress and taking a series of deep, long, slow breaths. By pausing and taking a breath mid-stress, anxiety diminishes as control is obtained. 


Guided Meditation begins clients with basic breathwork and pausing called “Box breathing.” Lady Anna takes a unique approach to meditation where she sets beginner-level goals that focus only on habit-forming, using beginner-level vocabulary and techniques so as not to overwhelm clients with the jargon and advanced techniques that regularly discourage beginners. 

2. Classic Massage


Classic Massage is a great tool when partnered with meditation and relaxation. This ancient self-care practice goes a long way to help calm the inner voices and allows the client to take in more from their sessions.


An unlimited amount of time spent administering basic, deep-tissue, full-body massage, encouraging blood flow while guided meditation is provided. 

This can be combined with sensual bathing and also erotic tantric massage for extended self-care.

3. Goddess Training


Empowerment Training designed for women which builds confidence, teaches them to recognize toxic masculinity, and strengthens their defense against societal abuse so they can better preserve their feminine energy (Also available for men).


Lady Anna begins with the environment, candles, incense, music, and massage while she directs the client toward their inner feelings and thoughts. A warm oil or salt bath is offered and she bathes the client, European Style, and pampers them in the likeness of a Greek Goddess. She then massages the client’s face and feet after the goddess is wrapped in comfortable clothes. Guided meditation is then started, teaching the client to become aware of her Voice, her Name, and her Feelings… all of which make up her Identity.

4. Energy Therapy with Meditation


Energy Therapy with Meditation is all about helping you reach into the “banished” part of your identity and clearing the negative energy through relaxation and calm.


Anna walks you through a series of breathing techniques, meditation, poses, and energy exchanges that help you reset and prepare for life’s next challenge.

5. Exploratory Dialogue

This is my forte. This is my passion. This is why I am more than a massage therapist. I See people, and I dig deep.


Through dialogue, we explore topics of interest designed to help you reach Perception Shifts and achieve Epiphany. The purpose of Exploratory Dialogues is to locate and reclaim your Voice. When I am done with you, you will be changed.   


Our traumas warp our minds and tangle threads of awareness into our subconscious that leave us confused and incapable of seeing the bigger picture. Anna’s unique and rare perspectives on psychology allow her to see threads quickly and efficiently. She will guide you show you how to pull a single thread, which will unravel your traumas and open the path to awareness, understanding, and healing. Recovery is a process that takes years. But this dialogue begins the process.

Regardless of the session (ie. dinner, cooking, massage, bathing, meditation, etc.), Exploratory Dialogue is part of the experience. Lady Anna leads the conversation through a series of topics that focus on your self-discovery, emotions, names, labels, voice, and your feelings. She gently pulls you apart and leads you through the discussions of your choice.

6. Emotional Wellness Coaching


Fear and Anxiety are the two most misunderstood mismanaged emotions everyone suffers from every day. Lady Anna sheds new understanding on Fear and Anxiety in layman terms that enables anyone to tackle these goliath feelings. Confidence, Jealousy, and Grief are also reviewed in depth.   


Understanding what emotions are and how they work in our subconscious goes a long way to managing them so you can make your emotions work for you.

This pairs beautifully with Meditation and Exploratory Dialogues.

7. Millionaire Mind 


Thinking like a Millionaire starts long before you become a Millionaire. We don’t take one step forward and two steps back. We take two steps back and five steps forward. This thinking is one of several perspectives that change how we think and pave the way to wealth.

If you give a million dollars to someone who doesn’t have the Millionaire Mind, they will be broke in a year. But someone with the Millionaire Mind will live a life where the money follows them.

The Millionaire mind can be taught.

Lady Anna teaches others how to develop and sculpt their Millionaire Mind. 


Lady Anna teaches the elements required to shift your thinking and lifestyle into that of a Millionaire. 

Additional Services

The following services are only offered to Members at an additional cost to supplement the services listed above. 

  1. Tech Cleanse – We examine the conditioned Anxiety cycle we’re caught up in with our tech, and Lady Anna works with you to break the cycle. 
  2. Covid-Induced Social Anxiety Coaching – Specialized Coaching that targets the unique Social Anxiety brought on by Covid and two-years of government-enforced isolation. 
  3. European Style Sensual Bathing – Lady Anna returns to the practice of intimate bathing as seen in the Old World.
  4. Home cooked Vegetarian meal with wine or spirits – Lady Anna takes over your kitchen and cooks a home made vegetarian meal alongside you. Desert, Wine, coffee, jazz, and spirits top off this evening. 
  5. Marijuana is offered to established clients who wish to modify their experience. 
  6. Fantasy Play – Lady Anna Character plays a role from her offered repertoire.
  7. Costume – Lady Anna dresses in the requested attire from her boudoir: Princess Leia Slave Girl, Mistress, Lingerie, Neglige, Nude, etc.
  8. Skin Bathes and Cuddle Puddles – Naked or clothed, lay down with Lady Anna and bask in the sensual intimacy of the flesh. 
  9. Anna’s Cookies and Cocoa – Anna provides you with a batch of her own healthy, high-fiber and whole-grain cookie recipe paired with her all-natural hot cocoa mixture (And yes… your family and friends can place their own orders during select times of the year).
  10. Couple’s Spice Night – Turn your package into a Couple’s Event and save 50% off the second package.  
  11. Energy Cleanse – Lady Anna will cleanse the energy of your environment and your chakras.

Anna’s List 

This is the list of everything Lady Anna coaches on:

  • Motivational Speaking
  • The Millionaire Mind
  • Fear and Anxiety
  • Social Anxiety
  • Confidence
  • Empowerment
  • Grief, Loss, and Change
  • Accountability
  • Insecurity
  • Jealousy
  • Addiction
  • Dissociation
  • Emptiness
  • Loneliness
  • Confusion
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Dissociative Identity Disorder
  • Lack of Identity
  • Meditation
  • Wellness Journey
  • Nutrition-Sugar Detox

Lady Anna is not a licensed therapist. She has 27 years of Psychological, Philosophy, and Sociology applied studies.

If you are experiencing suicidal ideation or have thoughts of harming yourself or others, please reach out to your primary doctor.


Anna’s rate for a One-Time-Session is $200 / hour

Anna’s rate for on-going, Pay-As-You-go services is $100 / hour. The total for reserved time is due prior to beginning service.

Coming 2023… The Healing Garden’s Digital Course. Ask about being a Beta Tester for the Digital Course!

“Silver Plan”

$1,000 / week for Side-by-Side, in-person coaching

You get: 

  • An outline of Anna’s Four Part Healing Pillar Program 
  • One, 5-hour session
  • Unlimited text and phone support
  • VIP Scheduling (You get third placement at scheduling)
  • Full access to the “Additional Services” Menu

(If you decide to upgrade within the week, the $1,000 will go toward the upgraded plan)

“Gold Plan”

$5,000 / month for the Side-by-Side in-person coaching

You get: 

  • A Summary and Outline of Anna’s Four Part Healing Pillar Program 
  • Two, 5-hour sessions a week
  • Unlimited text and phone support
  • VIP Scheduling (You get second placement at scheduling)
  • Full access to the “Additional Services” Menu

“Platinum Plan”

$15,000 / Total of 12 weeks (Must be paid in full and up-front) 

You get: 

  • Anna’s complete Four Part Healing Pillar Program 
  • Three, 5-hour sessions a week
  • Unlimited text and phone support
  • VIP Scheduling (You get first placement at scheduling)
  • Full access to the “Additional Services” Menu

Venmo and CashApp are the preferred forms of payment

“Life and Home Management Plan”

Some people organize closets. Anna organizes your life and home.

Is life too much for you? Are you overwhelmed with all your responsibilities? With 20 year’s experience in home-management, Anna will step in and take over as your home-manager.

$5,000 / Month + Expenses

You get:

  • Anna will organize, over-haul, and manage your life
  • Two, 5-hour sessions a week
  • Unlimited text and phone support
  • VIP Scheduling (You get second placement at scheduling)
  • Full access to the “Additional Services” Menu
  • Bills, Groceries, Cleaning, Organization, Mental Health, Meal planning, exercise, Errands, Appointments, Mundane Tasks…

Anna does NOT take care of children or child-care services.


Email at 

Text or WhatsApp at 929-615-4244

Telegram @AnnaImagination