“I see us all looking at each experience in our lives through a Rorschach Print… And I keep this thought in my head always. ALWAYS. So that when someone around me reacts, blows up, internalizes, withdraws, cries, lashes out, or gets hurt, I can see them and think “What are you seeing in your Rorschach Print?”

But if we are all just looking through Rorschach Prints, then it is only ever our perspective that can be altered. If only I could see what you see, then I would know how to show you what I see. And then we would understand each other.

As a result, I’m calm often and very forgiving. Nothing rattles me. I know who I am and where I am always. I am seated on a pillar looking at a Rorschach Print. That is where I am. And I see everyone. I see you.
You also are seated on a pillar looking through a Rorschach Print. Sometimes, people can trap others in their Rorschach Prints. This is where trauma breeds.

The thing is, in the end, how threatening really is a Rorschach Print? Not at all. It’s just Perspective and Abstract Thought.

There is only ever my Rorschach Print, Your Rorschach Print, and Reality. The trick is learning how to look past the Rorschach Print and just see the untainted, unaltered Reality. Truth.

My biggest challenge I have had to overcome is learning to be patient with people who are adamant that their Rorschach Print is real. I am constantly challenging my beliefs to confirm that they are truths and not distortions created by my own Rorschach Print.

Now… imagine this…

We have only five senses with which to obtain knowledge. Only five senses with which to understand the world around us. Everything we feel, know, believe, experience is only data absorbed through these five senses. And our senses differ from person to person. Don’t believe me? Ask a color-blind person to show you something green.

This means, all we “know” and all we think we know is only ever just our opinion, and our perception of what we think is reality. Not necessarily what reality IS. My job is to take you by the hand and help you see the Rorschach Prints that alter your perception of reality. My job is to teach how how to see reality, and to teach you how to tell the difference.

With this knowledge, we can find our way out of any darkness. we can find our way out of any depression. We can find our way out of any trauma.

This is just a sample, of what I do with my merged studies of philosophy and psychology.

– Lady Anna