How We’re Different

In Traditional Therapy, a therapist will work with you, guiding you through your Shadow Work. You’ll revisit past traumas, and your therapist will hold your hand through visiting the trauma memory while they help you try and process the trauma.

After each session, they’ll advise you to administer self-care and leave you to your own devices.

Many people walk out of a session still overwhelmed with raw emotion, still triggered mid-memory. Nightmares can return and a feeling of “wandering while lost” can take over followed by Depression.

In the Healing Garden, the self-care is started prior to the Shadow Work, easing you into a psychologically safe place, and Massage Therapy designed for your Mental Health is started. The environment is filled with candles, aromatic smells, comfort lighting, and gentle music, and only then are you eased into the trauma memory buried in your Mind Maze.

With deliberation, Lady Anna helps you to locate the trauma. Together we Name the Trauma. We Validate the feelings. We battle the “Villain” in your Trauma Memory, walking you through an alternative ending. We offer consolation and comfort to the past version of yourself, and then, we accept it. As the acceptance sets in, Lady Anna continues the massage and self-care regimen that converts Trauma memory to Normal Memory. This leaves your past self feeling Heard and Seen.

Meditation is carefully taught alongside Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to begin the “Stop, Pause, Redirect” practice required for PTSD recovery, and is added to your Self-Care Regimen and your Shadow Work.

During this process, Emotional Management is taught so that you will start using your emotions to work for you instead of being left at the mercy of your emotions.

Our Mission

Inside The Healing Garden, our Mission is to break down the recovery process into stages, deliberately walking the individual through the process of awareness, change, acceptance, and recovery.