How It Works!

The Roadmap to The Subconscious Mind (AKA Operation Imagination) is a step by step process that introduces you to the parts of your mind. You will learn the language of the Id, how to communicate with your mental self, and how to navigate your own life alongside all of You as a team rather than as a fraction of yourself who fights against your estranged parts.

You will become more than acquainted with yourself and revive your estranged Self. You will live authentic. You will stop being controlled by the estranged unknown parts of you, unsure as to why you do or act a certain way.

The better you learn the language of the subconscious, the more you will control your life instead of living as a puppet to your own mind. Welcome to The Healing Garden: The Roadmap to The Subconscious Mind (Operation Imagination)

I do not work with just anybody. My time is in high demand and is limited. Perspective clients must be screened and must be approved through the application process.

Let’s get started!