MoMA with Daryl Dixon

Hello my minions! Fellow readers… Committed TWD fans! Like the masses drooling and grunting over The Walking Dead, I too have an addiction that I proudly enable.

This post is slightly in ode to that. I spent many a day in MoMA. (Modern Museum of Art in NYC) and there were some paintings where I just… shook my head and went, “Why?” I remember “The Pencil.” It was a sculpture of a #2 pencil. Only it was 6 feet long. Whatever happened to allegorical meaning? Anyway, when I came to this scene in TWD, I lost it and rewound it 800 times. And I just want to say… I LOVE that Daryl took the time out of the zombie apocalypse to analyze art.



“Rewound.” Heheheheee… Yes! I grew up with watching everything on VHS!!


Now! That being said… I collect art work, but it has to be substantial for me to want it in my house. I prefer abstract paintings that evoke a mood.


This piece hangs on my wall in my Common Room.



Art 2

Ironically, this piece also hangs on my wall in the Common Room across from the Abstract piece we have.


Art 3

This piece reminds me of George Braque. I love this piece. Every time I see it, there is a wave of calm and I can’t help but smile. I had to choose between lighting and glare, or no light and can’t see. I chose the glare 🙁


OMG! I love this one! Bricks of SandBricks of Sand

Now this!!


“Violin with Candlestick” by George Braque George


Braque taught Picasso and is the true father of Cubism. Unfortunately, he rarely receives the credit he deserves. I found him in a small side corridor of MoMA before walking an entire wing of Picasso.


Ooh! I have to share this with you!

We all know this piece. Salvador Dali’s “Persistence of Memory”


The dimensions?

24 cm × 33 cm (9.5 in × 13 in)

You get that!?! 9.5 INCHES! By 13!! We’re talking a sheet of paper here, People!

I walked through the wing, passed this ITTY BITTY little thing, adjusted my glasses and peered in, recognized it, and my jaw hit the floor. “IS THAT IT!?!” Meanwhile, behind me is Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (The Young Ladies of Avignon, and originally titled The Brothel of Avignon) at  243.9 cm × 233.7 cm (96 in × 92 in)!


Okay! But my pride and gem of MoMA… was this at 73.7 cm x 92.1 cm (29 in x 36 14  in).


I thought its home was in Europe! I had no idea! The cream streaks in the sky are the canvas where Van Gogh didn’t paint 🙂  Just an FYI… One of those details you can’t see unless you are in person.

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