Treasured Find

I love nothing more than finding a wonderful new author full of promise!

I’ve been working with the author Joshua Robertson for my Blog Tour coming up in July and August, and amid our business talk and networking, I looked up his work on Amazon. OH, THE TREASURE I FOUND! Look at these books!

A Midwinter Sellsword Gladiators and Thieves


And then there were these…

Melkorka Grimsdalr

Dark Fantasy. Swords. And gritty conflict! Ah! So happy! As you all know I am a HUGE Norse Myth nut and much of my writing revolves around Yggdrasil and the Norse gods. I opened Melkorka and was won over by the end of the first paragraph. Well written. Well edited. Can NOT wait to sink my teeth into these tonight. I may just have to stop working a little early today to start them!

Check them out here on Amazon.


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