Self Appreciation Day

I’m eating my lunch and hanging out. Feel like writing free form before I return to edits. I am eating a peanut butter sandwich (no jelly) on whole grain bread with kettle corn and a wine glass of milk…all the regular glasses are in the dishwasher. Besides…this makes me feel classy.

Oh…and I’m playing Avenged Sevenfold.

So I left Bergen in the library ogling a collection of ancient tomes. Every time I break from writing, I imagine my characters mid-scene…waiting for me to return. Kallan was fun, I left the poor thing beaten, bleeding and dying for days on end while I wrote her scenes in the Dvergar caves. I see Bergen standing there in the library tapping his foot impatiently. Occasionally he’ll yell out, “Can you please get back to Bergen: Bane! I’m sick of looking at the same garbled writing for three days now!” He just found a collection of ancient Irish texts written in pre-ogham runes from the 1st century. He’s about to find the next magical item! Ooh! Can’t wait!

I can’t help but think, “heheheheee,” to myself and don’t kid yourself. I do. Heheheheee…

Oh! My music ended. Hold up…

There…I went from “Dear God” to “A Little Piece of Heaven.” Heheheheee…I love the Renaissance folk-styled melody in this piece. Especially the opening measures. My 12 year old would love this piece, but alas the lyrics are like triple x-rated.

Ah! My cat has come to see me! I must show you Cookie!

There! That is my beautiful Cookie. She is about two years old and is a tabby. I first named her Tabitha, but she’s a Cookie (because I love cookies!)

Okay. For some reason, “A Little Piece Of Heaven” always gets me in the mood for “Bohemian Rhapsody” OH, YEAH!

So here is Queen and my sandwich is gone now, so I’m back to edits.


You rock!Ooh! Popcorn! Hold off, I have a few more moments.

I was sitting here munching my kettle corn while uploading Freddy Mercury to my site (Love him!) when I realized I am awesome! I mean really! I am! So are you! I’m sure of it! And that got me thinking, why is it so wrong to proclaim in a non-arrogant way how awesome I think I am? It’s a good healthy outlook that should be encouraged!

Screw it! I proclaim the 13th of May Self-Appreciation Day! Henceforth, every May 13 on Self-Appreciation Day everyone should take the time to announce just how awesome they are. Go ahead, tell yourself and others how great you are! Pat yourself on the back! DO IT! Say, “I am awesome!” and you are! I know it. Your mother knows it! You know it! Why shouldn’t you say it out loud!? “I am awesome!” Come! We will be awesome together!

Ooh! Tomorrow is my birthday. What luck! My birthday is right after Self-Appreciation Day! Who knew!? Go on now. Buy yourself that 52 inch curved HD screen TV. You deserve it!

I swear I just have milk in my wine glass. Okay! Off to edits!



Internet High Five





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