Newsletter: February & March 2016

My forgiveness in neglecting to write. I am head deep into this year’s Books Cyber Convention. Speaking of which… Mark your calendars! The 2016 Brain to Books Cyber Convention is on the 8, 9, and 10 of April! Cover Wars is already up. Cast your vote here!


We have so much going on so condensing it all in a newsletter is crazy. If you are a reader, join the group here and wait. We’ll send you a reminder in April 2016 of the event.


If you are an author wanting to participate, proceed back stage. We have Facebook Takeover Events, book readings, story hops, blog tours… It really is too much to put in a newsletter.




There will be no Brain to Books Summer Blog Tour this year. I will instead, be hosting the Brain to Books Book Blast on 1 July 2016 for Indie Pride Day. This day will launch the Blog Tour season. More on this to come.

This last month, you may have caught my appearances on Facebook. We celebrated Chess DeSall’s new release! The third and final book in her trilogy is now available!


We also stopped by at C.L. Schneider’s release party for her third and final book of her Crown of Stones Series! Readers! If you love fantasy, this is the series for you.


I am currently reading C.L. Schneider’s Book Magic-Price. Book #1 of the Crown of Stones series here:

Story Time Live

For the moment, Story Time is on hold until after the Cyber Convention. I have book readings to conduct for the Convention, in addition to this month’s work load. As a result, Story Time is currently suspended. It will resume in April after the Convention when I continue reading Dolor and Shadow and C.L. Schneider’s Magic-Price (Crown of Stones Book #1).


This month Aurelia Maria Casey is reading Sasharia En Garde by Sherwood Smith. You can catch the AVBC author interview here.


Aside from recent posts, I really have nothing new to talk about as the Convention consumes my full attention this time of year. So, without further adieu… here are the posts you may have missed!


Zombies From Space


Protected Posts




Facebook Events with Giveaways


Brain to Books Cyber Convention


Unbreaking Me


Story Time



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