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Author: Elizabeth Horton-Newton

Genre: Romantic Thrillers

Book: “Riddle” and “View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale”

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Elizabeth Horton-Newton was born and raised in New York City. She began writing when she was a child, writing stories for friends and family. In the 4th grade at P.S. 151 in Manhattan she wrote an essay about her dream job- she wanted to be an author. She continued to write short stories over the following years as she raised a family. After attending Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY and East Tennessee State University she worked in the social work field for thirteen years. She currently lives in E. Tennessee with her husband, author Neil Newton, and a collection of rescued dogs and cats. Her first book “View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale” was published in October 2014. A love story that revolves around the assassination of President John Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963 and the ensuing conspiracy theories. This was followed in June 2015 with the release of “Riddle” a romantic thriller about a Native American convicted of killing his high school girlfriend. She is currently at work on her third novel, “Stolen“, a romantic thriller about kidnapping and the Witness Protection Program.


I work with local Domestic Violence groups: “Voices” through the Knoxville Family Justic Center and “Enough” through the YWCA. I also review and interview indie authors to give them promos.


Seven years ago Kort Eriksen went to prison for killing his girlfriend Desiree. Now he’s back in Riddle and some people think he got off easy. Others, including long time friend Norma, think he was railroaded because he’s the only Native American in town. Grace Donahue is running away from her past. Trapped in Riddle until her car is repaired she develops a friendship with Kort. Suddenly accidents are happening and people are dying. Is Kort adding to his list of victim’s or has someone else taken the reins? As mysteries from the past rise to the surface, more questions will be raised. The suspect file grows as victim’s fall. Is Desiree’s killer back for more or is someone trying to avenge her death? The riddle of Riddle will be solved, but how many bodies will it take to find the answers?

“View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale”This romantic thriller takes a fictional “what if” look at the JFK assassination. Imagine if 50 years after the assassination someone stepped forward to reveal the truth of what happened that day. What if the assassination was a conspiracy and the impact of those revelations reached into the 21st century. This the story of ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events. You’ll never look at your neighbors the same way. What if the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 was a conspiracy? What if accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was innocent? What if someone knew the truth and could prove it? What if someone you trusted turned out to be hiding a secret so big it could change history?  This is a tale of friendship, love, political intrigue, and murder.


I read this book in one setting and was wanting more. It was a true riddle and I too fell in love with Kort. The ending wasn’t predictable. I thought I had it figured out and then I was really surprised. The romance is hot and steamy. I cried, laughed, and screamed at the characters. The book is so well written I felt like I was there and a part of the unfolding mystery. Great job!


I have to say that this book earned the 5 stars. From the first page I was sucked into the story and the history. It was a great book filled with history, romance, intrigue, and conspiracy. It was very well written and had a great storyline. It was a work of fiction, but books like this can really get a person to thinking about the time old question of What If? This is one of the best historical books I have read in a while and will highly recommend….Stormi


Excerpt from Riddle

“I lost my temper and said some ugly things. I had given her something of mine, something very personal. It was a medallion that had belonged to my mother. It was all I had from her. It was on a thin piece of leather and she was wearing it around her neck. I ripped it off her neck and the leather broke. I stuck the medallion into my pocket. I didn’t realize I had scratched her; it drew just a little blood that got under my fingernail. I turned to walk away and she grabbed at my arm. Her nails dug into my skin. As I pulled away from her she left scratches on my arm. I shoved her and she fell. I didn’t care. I headed up to where we had parked our bikes. I know she got up because I heard her rushing through the bushes after me. I never looked back. I got on my bike and pedaled home cursing her all the way.”

Kort looked down at Grace then. “I never saw her alive again. When she was reported missing I thought about telling the police what I knew. But I was sure they would think I did something to her. There were even moments when I wondered if I had done something. Had she gotten up? Or was she unconscious out there? It rained that afternoon and it poured for days afterward. When they found her she had that piece of leather clutched in her fist, a scratch on her neck and my blood under her fingernails.”


Excerpt from View From the Sixth Floor

“Olivia, I don’t want you to think I was snooping. Last night when I looked through your luggage for your pajamas I… why do you have a gun?”

That was certainly not a question I’d anticipated and I had to laugh “Oh that! George bought that for us years ago. Normally I keep it in a gun safe. With all the strange things that have been happening I was afraid someone might break in and steal it so I stuck it in my suitcase. It’s perfectly legal.”

Bill looked concerned.  “So you have a permit to carry?”

That puzzled me. I knew we had a license and I brought it with me. I explained that to Bill but he still looked worried. “To be honest I’m not really comfortable with having it around and I wish you had mentioned it before we left. If we were stopped by the authorities for any reason and they found it there might be questions.”

I was very confused by his attitude. “But I can show them the license and explain why I brought it. They would understand. I mean seriously Bill, what would two old people do with a handgun, rob a bank?” I started to laugh but Bill’s expression had not changed and he went back into the kitchen. I watched as he started to make a pot of coffee trying to understand why something as silly as having a gun in my luggage was causing such a big problem.

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