The Eladrin Stones: Introduction

OrgaJoin Golgh, Benison, Varghul, and Orga in their hunt for The Eladrin Stones. Trek the land that is Faerun, avenge your kin, and face the Order.

Genre:  D&D Fan Fiction AKA Fantasy Action Adventure

This is The Eladrin Stones that I started writing on my phone in a waiting room.  Yes, I frequently return to edit. No. It is not worth five karma points on to subject this written work to critique and edit. I wrote this for no reason other than simple enjoyment because the story that evolved became quite extraordinary.

D&D Dice ImageOn Wednesdays, I DM for Dungeons & Dragons (4.0 if you’re a fan and wanted to know. DM is D&D lingo for “Dungeon Master” if you don’t play and wanted to know). Because I’m a writer, I went all out and improvised this story that became much more than a little hobby to pass the time. The gamers in my guild urged me to write this. Ironically, I am not a fan of Fan Fiction and will never take the time to publish this. The only place, you can get The Eladrin Stones is right here on my website. I hope to post a chapter every week or maybe one section every two weeks and I plan to keep it as close to the game as it happened.

If you are a mother whose children play D&D, let me assure you, this is NOT how D&D enfolds for children.  It is literally a game of make-believe and the events are designed only how the players design them. If your sweet Judy is playing with Mark from across the street, they are probably pretending to be pixies wielding Harry Potter wands on unicorns while they saunter through the forest looking for treasure. The Eladrin Stones are probably how most college students in their freshman year play it.

My guild, The Brave And Thoroughly Fucked Adventures, is composed of the following five members, three of whom are attorneys and are between the ages of 22 to 36.

  • Benison/Ben J portrayed by an attorney/patent agent
  • Varghul portrayed by an attorney/patent agent
  • Golgh portrayed by an organic chemist/patent agent.
  • Orga/Faeanna portrayed by myself, a writer of High Fantasy.
  • Lillie was portrayed by our fifth and newest member, an attorney/patent agent. The first several chapters do not include Lillie.

D&D warrior picThere is drugs, sex, rock and roll, a whole lot of swearing, bestiality, nudity, and much, MUCH worse.  There is gore, torture, and a lot of CRAZY shit resulting in a massive amount of debauchery for debauchery’s sake. For the record, none of these events ever happened. Ever. Nor do we want them to. They were invented while under the influence of a lot of alcohol and an evening of needing to say “fuck it!” to the real world and its rules by which we all religiously follow at all times, save for Wednesday nights when we live vicariously through our avatars. Me, personally? I love Wednesday nights.

Even now, as I write this intro, I’m trying to determine how I am going to get the nerve to write some of it. And no, not all D&D games enfold like this. Many do not. A lot of our decisions were based on our character’s personalities and morals or lack thereof.  Most of the time, our goal is to have the craziest, wild, experiences imaginable.  To adventure for adventures’ sake.  We are the chaotic good!


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