Continued from “Meanwhile…”

Creeping to the beat of his own ballads, Bergen slithers in and out of Angela’s subconscious until, at long last, he sees the dim, though distant light in the control room.

“Angela’s conscience… he mutters in a sexy brogue the ladies can’t resist. Bergen grins proudly to himself. “Almost there.”

*Hiiiiiisssss* goes the Guinness as Bergen pries off the cap. He throws his head back and downs half the bottle. “Alright then,” he says after a refresher and slides into the shadows well out of sight in Angela’s mind.

“Now then,” Bergen says leaning over the control panel for a better view. “Let’s have a look and see what she’s done with the place,” Bergen says as he peers through Angela’s eyes and gazes upon the remnants of “Bergen’s Blog.”

“What the Thor…!?”

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